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Thread: Gorey 3 Day 2017 - Stage 2

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    Default Gorey 3 Day 2017 - Stage 2

    well, dnf today. gorey adventure over. normal life tomorrow. was going ok today. legs were feeling good and getting over the climbs ok. the line outs were another story. suffering big time when it got strung it. racing was fast and furious round the back roads of gorey. 2nd lap, big line out on the main road back to town. couldn't hold the wheel in front. and that was that. was already down near the back and could see this loooong line of bikes single file all the way the up the road ahead. great spectacle, except it meant my race was about to end! rolled back in to gorey with a couple of lads also dropped. with 70km to go, didnt fancy the small group for that length, turned for the car. enjoyed it a lot more today, felt like proper racing. right, off the rest the body. thats enough road for this year. maybe shay elliot. back to mountain biking now. the league and tracton.

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    Good chance they'll still let you start tomorrow... check with commissaires this evening.
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    Ronan you rode and did alot more on the Gorey than I would or 75% of the mountain biking community.Well done on doing as many racing miles as you did.
    You have my respect,see you at the club league on Thursday.
    Rigid Micky!! :)

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    Well done Ronan
    No shame dnfing that one average speed says it was a quick one and it's a tough course with all the climbs only one second in it at the front so a lot of attacking I'd say too

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    Hi Ronan.

    It was great to run in to you after your race. I was talking to BRian Mac (Rodie) and he confirmed your assessment that the standard has gone through the roof in the past few years. Well done on the huge effort that you put in. congrats and enjoy the holiday

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    Tough these days, it's a testing ground for junior teams and seems much faster then a few years ago. The second time I did it I blew my lights on stage 2 and the weather was nasty so I pulled in but they did let me start on day 3. Day 3 is usually the easiest with the tailwind (most of the time) from Baltinglass, in case you still feel like doing it.
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    Well done Ronan, as Dave said, Speed is up and there's more team work now. It's a very tough race and these boys has plenty of pre gorey races.
    Keep it up!


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