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Thread: Da Cooley Triller Sat 6th August

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    U missed Chris's win but there are so many winners its quite hard to keep up! Really well done everyone - its so great to be part of a club to be proud of. It makes everyone want to win & have fun too! Awful day for me with my 2 derailers acting up, so I was delighted to finish & got helped to the finish by some sound people. I can't talk about my time for a bit ; ).... but Next year Da Cooley is mine!

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    Still traumatised. Feel like I've been hit by a truck. Only 2 crashes, no mechanicals but made it round. Gloriously under prepared and under trained, won't make that mistake again. Very well organised event.

    Well done everyone!
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    Great day out for all by the sounds of things. I love this event great course, venue and organisation. Its very relaxed and social most people chill out and get chicken curry after relax on the grass after the race. Hard to beat.

    Great to see a massive crew from the club out and the results were absolutely brilliant but we'll done to all whom finished I know most found it very tough going myself included.

    My race went well got a good start pace was fast but manageable lost the lead group at the first water crossing and nearly caught them on the main road but knew I would blow if I pushed on so stayed at a steady comfortable ish pace up to the mast lost a few places along the way but I expected this. Was changing places with a few other from there on Gerry Mc Cabe whom crashed out and I hope is all good, the lads from orwell for a bit. In the last 10 km I had a right battle with conor Campbell whilst the two of us were cramping but I didn'the let him know. Stuck with him for 3/4 of the last climb then made through move and it worked but only by seconds. Happy with my race won a few little battles along the way but was poor on the downhills. Finished 7th so happy out at that.
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    We'll done to everybody on the podium. The rain in the beginning of the race made it more tricky over rocks and drop but also more interesting. Great route as always. The sun came out to. Didn't race to hard as I haven't been training enough but enjoyed the challenge. Well done to everybody who finished it was a tough day in the mountains.

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    Fantastic results, well done everyone. Great event, keeps pulling you back every year!

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    Cooley never disappoints and is as much an adventure as a race. Well done to all the club members rhat made the trip and who managed to finish. Had really good legs myself and managed to keep pushing all the way around. Rode all the technical climbs so was happy with that. Came in 3rd vet behind Dorris and McGarvenorthy... chuffed to be able to say I shared a podium with two savages/national champions.
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    Well done all. Especially Oz and Max great to see such success from our club

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    I had a great day despite two punctures in the first five km due to a gash in the sidewall of the rear tyre (I suppose I should have checked for this after the second puncture but I'm glad that I didn't as I probably would have pulled out). Anyway, I had brought one tube and when I went through that one a friendly local by the name of Mick gave me another (whilst I was replacing the second tube Brian Weber gave me a spare tube and his pump which enabled me to keep going (knowing I'd have another replacement if needs be). By the time I had fixed the second puncture I was the back marker and so the race to claw back places was on. No clue how I finished up but I had great fun. A great day out and definitely one for next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZ View Post
    Came in 3rd vet behind Dorris and McGarvenorthy... chuffed to be able to say I shared a podium with two savages/national champions.
    Fantastic result Oz but no more than you deserve!

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    I agree with Richard,Oz,when youre fit and on an upward trend in youre training youre a match for anyone.I've had many a race battle with you Oz over the years.Well done on 3rd place,well earned.
    Rigid Micky!! :)


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