Red Bull R.Evolution 2013

The Red Bull R.Evolution is back on August 17th 2013, in*Berlin’s Mellowpark. The track look’s, well … mental!*Tom Ritzenthaler of Elite Trax says “Red Bull R.Evolution 2013 will redefine the dimensions of BMX racing. This track is a game changer for the sport. This will definitely be the next level for BMX racing. Completely new obstacles and thrilling features await the riders.”

The track begins with a 10-metre high start hill with a 10-metre mega gap jump almost straight away which is followed by a flat section and then a 15-metre table! Then the riders will have to contend with the**“Berlin Wall”, a 2-metre high quarter-pipe and a 4-metre “wall” … looks like fun. The track then splits into the “flow line” and the “Jump line”, riders will be told which one to take when the get on the start gate.

Unlike last year the track will not be knocked down but modified to a permanent UCI Supercross standard track which will feature in the 2014 UCI World Cup SX Series.

You can watch all the action live on Red Bull TV HERE.