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Thread: Intro, beginner, improver MTBing Starting 6.4.13 Ticknock 9.00

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    Default Intro, beginner, improver MTBing Starting 6.4.13 Ticknock 9.00

    Howdy anybody interested or know anybody interested in getting into Mountainbiking..starting Saturday 6th April .
    You will need
    a helmet !
    a fully functioning entry level MTB with working brakes and gears.
    at least 1 litre of drink
    a bar or jellies
    Proper shoes and pedals = either spds and spd shoes or proper flats shoes like 5.10s and proper flats shimano DXs or any with multiple pins.
    A base layer is essential regardless of the weather
    Same with a light rainjacket.
    2 tubes ( not patched ones )
    A pump ( CO canisters as well if you are smart)
    Full finger gloves

    I am contrary about equipment not just from a fashion sense but if you fall on your arse up the mountains and have to sit there, it will be the difference between life or death if you are wearing a baselayer.
    If you have any questions call in to see me in the Giant Store on the Long Mile Road.
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    joeduke Guest


    Hi Richie, I have been out injured for a while and just back on the bike this week, do you mind if I tag along on this spin?

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    fantastic..everybodys welcome , its not racing or training its just riding and having the craic and learning stuff..

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    actionpix Guest


    This "should" be right up the alley of the Secretary for the Ministry of Domestic Expenditure & Happiness. I'll let her know and hopefully we'll both be there.
    If it's not chucking it down out of the heavens, I'll bring a camera :)

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    awesome !

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    i'd like to try this-complete beginner-i'll need to leave it before 10am if the wolfpack spin's on.

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    joshholmes Guest


    Do I need to register or anything? Or do I just show up before 9:00 on Sat with the appropriate gear?

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    Josh, just show up and be ready to cycle at 9.00.

    Remember Richies bark is far worse than his bite....or is that the other way around?

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    no i'm one of the few whose bark is as bad as his bite..just turn up..I'm always nice to beginners. Its the feckin eejits who think they can teach me the moves I am hostile too !

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    Hi Richie, I have one recruit for the spin, he will be there ready to go.


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