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Thread: What were you at today ?

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    nailler Guest


    Just reading the above link..Is it a fashion show up there? If sum people want to try the trails and biking before committing to buying all the kit... Can't they just do it with what equipment they have without a smart arse talking about them on a forum?

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    First of all I'm far more than a smart arse and second of all, its mountain biking , when some dozy flute in a wooly hat and a pair of gaa shorts puts the rescue services at risk by being ill prepared , then yeah they shoudn't just try it out. treat it with the respect it deserves..its not golf or squash you know..its the might be able to see the Liffey from up there but its still a dangerous place to fall off your bike and lie in the cold waiting for some volunteer to come save you.
    Nobodys talking about fashion here and you completely misunderstood what message I was trying to get across there..come back to me when you have more trophys and awards than I have..thank you !
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    nailler Guest


    No no..your talkin ****e now..still on about the shorts and hats. Now on about your trophies! ****** is what u are.. Give these beginners a chance..

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    nailler Guest


    Before u ban me from the forum ,i will retire.. I know you and the likes.. Up your own arse..
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    Yes thats me..up my own arse..surrounded by trophies and awards for my contribution to mountainbiking over 25 years..and beginners, jesus I wouldn't be seen near them, how will I know you ? are you scary with scars and tattoos ? have you a black belt and sh*t, could you beat Chuck Norris in a fight ?
    I will no u when I meet u..oooh i'm so scared ..
    F*ckin classic sh*t altogether..

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    ah don't be editing your posts..seriously read my posts and read about what I did today..and don't be threatening don't even know me , I could be a really bad man..honest a really bad man ! with tattoos and scars and stuff ..i even rode motorbikes one time..and then there was that time I didn't pay my visa bill and another time I went over the speed limit on my car but I was really drunk and I didn't know I was at ..
    give me a chance..i promise I'll change !

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    Look I'll even wear a wooly hat and me speedos..

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    Nailler ..What madness are u on about ..Give these beginners a chance ?? Where were u today when Byrner and other Epic Members were giving up precious time to show these people around ?? Would u rather they turned up in any old gear at all and run the risk of getting into bother ...If u spent anytime up in the mountains you would know that conditions can change in flash ....No harm in letting people know what is the right bit of kit to have !!! Whats all this ****e about " U will no me when u meet me up there " ?? your actually talking about confronting Byrner because u disagree with his advice !! Get a life u nutjob ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nailler View Post
    Before u ban me from the forum ,i will retire.. I know you and the likes.. Up your own arse..

    Just so you know Richie does not admin the forum or have access to ban users. Adrian & Graham look after that stuff and trust me we have no interest in banning you.

    All Admin forum related issues, please PM me.


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