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    Hello people , im not sure who has been up 3 rock in the last few days but i had a great spin up there today !
    Metro 1 and 2 are rideable and the fireroad in between . I rode sum of the singletrack in the forest and it was
    good craic too so richie and anyone else running a spin this week i just thought i would let you guys know !

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    Good man Phil!!

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    good man Phil. we're heading there tomorrow with Ru..

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    If there are any trees I'm not going. They are like magnets to my face.

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    How'd you lot get on today? Day or night spin? Went up at 3.30 for 2 laps but skipped the 2nd lap of the top section as fresh snow lastnight made keeping speed and line impossible. Fine in forests and lower section.IMAG0569.jpg


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