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Thread: 2013 NPS Rider Categories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    Jack, I would have moved you up if I was doing it based on my judgement. However, we have to stick to the criteria so you have to move yourself. Richie's list is spot on (except for Doris in S2 :).
    come on..hes getting on, give him a break !! in Fairness I was disapointed in the complete lack of uproar there..

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    Redbeard Guest


    Nice work Max. I'll be racing S2 myself if it helps in the discussion, I'm not fast enough for S3, but plenty strong enough for a top 20 in S2!

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    Default 2013 NPS Rider Categories

    This all just feels like fresh beginning with a strict set of the series promoters who's ability based theme will reep rewards in years to come!

    And while there will be requests for downgrades I feel the commission can't risk downgrading a rider and then the rider getting podiums which would prove the selection was right in the first place.

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    i'm looking forward to kicking all your arses in S2 this can't even pronounce the drugs I am taking right now !!

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    Redbeard Guest


    V. I. A. G. R. A.?

    A. S. P. R. I. N. ?

    S. H. I. R. A. Z. ?

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    The strict rules are needed, especially at the National level. Otherwise we might as well call it the National Leisure League....
    I always show the British NPS promotion system as an example of rules that work, of course they don't have the S1,S2 but the principle is the same.

    Male Cross-Country

    Top 50 Elite Ranked riders stay elite
    Top 5 Experts are promoted to elite
    Top 2 Juniors are promoted to elite, or top 5 dependent upon age & ability

    Elite riders ranked below 50
    Expert riders outside the top 5 remain expert.
    Junior category riders ranked 3-5 are promoted, dependent upon age & ability
    Sport category riders ranked in the top 15
    Master category rider ranked in the top 3

    BC will consider applications for upgrade from riders who fall just outside these thresholds.

    Dispensation will only be considered for riders who have been injured for a minimum 8 week period during the months from April to September. A letter from a GP or Specialist must be provided.

    I would like to see something similar here in the years to come but we don't yet have the numbers or the attendance to implement a system like that. But MTBing is getting more and more popular so it's just a matter of time.

    I think we'll have great racing this year, I'm really looking forward to it from both the xc co-ordinator and the racer point of view.
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    How then are we fixed for an over 50s category in the Nationals..I don't see why not, the DH have it, the Enduro has it..
    I want it, so does Coyner, Phil TIghe ,Johnny mCCabe, Declan McCabe, Brendan Rooney, Paddy Mackey, Richard Lynch, Justin May, Karl Thomas, Peter Popham and about a dozen more, not having it is agesist and against the Geneva convention..

    Do it..and I wont entertain saracastic replies from non over 50's , I have to race S2 against people 20 years younger than me who have never put there bodies through what I have..
    f*ck with us and we will become the Grey Fury !! I refuse to accept the rules of people who still have a sixpack and can sustain an erection all night without assistance !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbeard View Post
    V. I. A. G. R. A.?

    A. S. P. R. I. N. ?

    S. H. I. R. A. Z. ?
    No..just frickin the drug of raw hardcore power !!

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    A separate category just for that lot? That would be some craic, zimmer frame fights and flying fake teeth!
    We could make it happen but you need to get Peter Buggle to stop racing, he's wrecking it for the rest of you aul ones! :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    No..just frickin the drug of raw hardcore power !!
    Ahh, think of the craic we'll have at the races. It'll be legendary!


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