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Thread: 2012 Fox 32 Talas RLC 150's for sale. Nearly new.

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    Default 2012 Fox 32 Talas RLC 150's for sale. Nearly new.

    Fox 32 Talas RLC 150's for sale. Tapered steerer, 120-150mm travel, 2012, hardly any use.

    These have been used about 20 times and are in brilliant condition. The tapered steerer has been cut at 195mm and has a star fangled nut in.

    Great fork, travel adjustable from 150-120mm, lockout, rebound and compression adjustment etc. 15mm bolt through. I've had a look around the net and these forks are still retailing at over 800. If you want to pick up a pair that may as well be brand new bar a couple of extremely minor paint rubs (and no marks whatsoever on the Kashima) for much less then give me a call. I've just swapped them for 36's to go with a longer travel frame.

    Perfect Christmas present for the wife!


    Follow the link for pics.

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    how much!!!!

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    $475gbp .....!!!

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    yup, much cheaper than the 800 that the same forks still cost in the shops...

    sorry for the slow reply btw!

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