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    Harleigh Guest

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    Hey guys just wondering would anybody be interested in coming riding I'm sorta new to free ride/DH and I don't really know any of the good tracks for beginners so I was just wondering if anybody wanted to bring a newbie out and show him some nice trails to shred

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    Paul Doherty Guest


    Harleigh if your only a beginner you wouldnt be abke for DH/Freeride trails to be honest as they are quite steep and technical. Best to stick to Coillte trails to build up the skills man or maybe some of the lads will show you aroumd their club course.

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    your best bet is to listen to Paul, I have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of people wanting to become Gravity Enduro Jockeys..take my advice and join a club and ride XC for a year and when I mean XC , I mean just ride your bike around Ticknock and Ballinastoe and go on as many club intro spins as you can..EPIC is a very established Club and unfortunately the only way in to it is via the rare beginner spins we do and if I see you out on the trails or at races and I am impressed enough to invite you in.

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    Harleigh Guest


    Thanks very much for the help guys I was hoping to start competing in some of the events but I don't have a enduro rig I have an orange patriot 66 that's set up for free ride do you say it would still be good enough to do enduro ? And I know it's a lot to ask but if one of you guys could just pm me the next race that you think I'd be capable of competing in as the company who have sponsored me are windering if I'm going to be competing this year and just wondering Paul what are the coillte courses ? thanks again guys for the help

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    first of all the Patriot will be fine for the Gravity Enduro..the season is over by the way and who is sponsoring you without results ? or have you results in some other Mountainbike Discipline that I'm not aware of ? check out for mtb trails.

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    Harleigh Guest


    I am sponsored by the company Productx I make dirt jump videos for them but also DH/freeride but as a newbie I didn't really know where to start of and thank you for the site byrner and I only have a rear group set I have a E thirteen bash rin and chain guide on the front so I just didn't know if I was running the right set up ? And I'm hoping to get to tag along pn you're event on the 3rd of November that's a picture of the patriot there hope it works image.jpgimage.jpg

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    get rid of the monster forks and get something with 140mm travel and you are laughing !

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    Harleigh Guest


    the brochure orange tech guys sent me out said i should go with something like 150-160mm on front and then i can use upto 190-215mm on the rear ? and ye it's just trying to find someone to buy them haha would i still be able to come out you're event on the 3rd or would this bike be useless for it ?


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