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Thread: Sunday 21st October Gearing Up Starts ! 2.30pm at the upper barrier in Ticknock

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    ok..Graham can you change the Thread title to 2.30 at the upper barrier in tape has prevented me from going to Shanganah this Sunday but I will get here and it will be worth the wait.
    Ok so 2.30 at Ticknock Upper Car Park.
    Now if you are running late we will be doing our thing just up the road near Toms.
    It will not be suitable for Stabilizers I'm afraid.
    Striders or full on bikes, including BMXs..Helmets are completely essential.
    See you all there..

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    Great to see the Gearing Up scheme kicking off. It's a good programme, really gets people through the basics in a fun way. Good skills.


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