Howdy folks, I have been running a Wednesday night ride with Carol and John Harrington and I have to say i am really enjoying them, I want to make them open to everybody. From any Club or no Club, they are not XC or Fr or anything you can put your finger on, they are just spins.
The one thing I will say id they will improve your Mountainbiking no end. I don't charge for these spins but if I did they would be money well spent, I can promise you result after 4 weeks.
You do need a certain level of fitness.
However I do have these rules.
Baggies or lycra no tracksuits or combats or non cycling pants
Spds or 5.10s no runners or hiking boots.
a base layer , jersey and/or a rainjacket
Full finger gloves
at least 1 Tube
a Multitool
water and fuel

I hate ill equipped riders , I really do.
You will need a decent headlight, like a Lupine, a Light and Motion, or Hope , there are loads out there. I have a light and Motion thats brilliant, I also have couple of cheap Raleigh Moon lights that are deadly and I have used, Nukeproofs, Lupine, Hopes and even the Petzl. Oisin has these Ayup ? lights that have never let him down, the chinese jobs seem to be fine and I like the ones whos name escape me that perch on your lid without wires or cables, something Diablo ..anyway, there are loads available. The chinese ones give trouble or did but get the best lights you can as long as they are leds and not bulbs.
Night riding is like being in a video game.

If you want in on these spins then by all means turn up but I warn you, they are non stop, they are not ferocious but they are suprisingly tough. I am an expert at leading spins and I rarely kill anybody but don't underestimate them