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Thread: Wee Trip Up To Malin Head...

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    Puff Guest

    Default Wee Trip Up To Malin Head...

    The Donegal MTB are holding Ireland's most northerly MTB race this coming Sunday, 7th October

    If any of you fancy coming up for a breath of fresh Atlantic air, then you would all be welcome. Accomodation can be arranged.

    Course is laps over 2.75km/300ft climb of private land overlooking the Atlantic, consisting of fast flowing singletrack and tricky natural technical sections. Race will be run as a 90 min timed race (as many laps in that time) for seniors and 60 mins for ladies or the "Bitta Craic" non-serious crowd.

    The hope is that in the future this course can be expanded and made into a trail park and cycling centre for all. At the moment, its "challenging"

    Great to see you there, any questions please ask.

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    ah for the love of need to run these things earlier and let people know sooner..hope its a good one though !

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    jackson Guest


    [QUOTE=Byrner;149038you need to run these things earlier![/QUOTE]why ??

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    because its feckin October ..unless its the South of France who wants to race in October ?

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    Puff Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    ah for the love of need to run these things earlier and let people know sooner..hope its a good one though !

    Only just found this place

    And we were going to have the race on 23rd September but at the begining of August we reckoned there was a good chance the county would be empty, as they would all be down in Dublin

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    yeah thats ok..this is why a good XC CO ordinator is needed. The Clubs need to know theres a calender, you would get a lot of attendees if your race was announced Nationally through the Offroad Commission and it was part of a sensibly put together calender.
    October is a bad time to run a race as its way past the end of the XC Season. Typically that ends with the Marathon Champs. Crazy *******s like Jackson would prefer a race every weekend but if there was he would be complaining that there are too many clashes !

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    jackson Guest


    mr byrne the "season " is a state of mind i ride my bike 12 months of the year so i dont see any problem with racing 12 months of the year. with our current climate october is a better month for a race than 6 bate into the scutters of rain that was august. maybe its all a bit radical for fianna fail fcuked ireland but it works in normal countries !!

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    ok then..where me new venues you promised me ? I'll run one race a month just for you if you get them !!

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    jackson Guest


    they are still there, im sure you know i promise nothing to no one. will you keep the races to gravity enduros and marathons - they are the future of the sport as far as i can see !!

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    ah but a suggestion to me is the same as a promise as I'm sure you know, but then A shinner can never remember anything hes supposed to when questioned by an Authority ! and to the second part of your comment ,yes they are but come on..XC is the heart and soul of it would be a shame to let it slip, we'd only end up scrabbling to get it back ..
    I love these funny chats


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