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Thread: Hope Vision 4 Lights - For Sale

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    davek Guest

    Default Hope Vision 4 Lights - For Sale

    Hope Vision 4 lights for sale

    Like these:

    * 4 Led
    * 1,000 Lumen
    * 3 Hrs burn - on high setting
    * 6 Hrs burn - on Med setting
    * Battery 100%
    * As new condition, comes in box with all brackets/adaptors ect

    Price: 145

    PM or 086 2471050 thanks.

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    yep il take em
    Less Traction = More Action

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    davek Guest



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    I'll take second dibs if sale doesn't happen! :)

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    pump Guest


    i wil also take them if u still have it

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    Are you buying new lights Dave or have you given up on riding in the dark?

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    Dave if OZ doesn't take them I'll have em

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    Cabbage Country!


    Are these still for sale? Do you have them in blue? Will you take a part exchange on a couple of 5' vapor proof florescent fittings?

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    you will sell them to me if you now whats good for you and if the Culchie can't find his flouroescent fittings !

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    davek Guest


    Jeez.... Should have asked for more cash ! RL there is nothing better I'd like than a good night spin right now, fooked up wrist not helping. My pal Mr Richardson was selling something a bit more sexy than the hopes so I'm trading up !


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