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Thread: 2012 XC Marathon Champs

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    Brilliant event, well done to all in Team Ballhoura. Great stuff, great racing, great marking and outstanding marshalling. The racing was cool, mountain bike bunch on the road always looks a bit mad and then there was some cagey stuff going on for a while with a load of lads politely following each other along the singletrack.

    Every single Vet in the whole bloody race asking me if was a vet too really put paid to any notions I might have of my boyish looks...I really enjoyed the racing and fair feckin play to Colm for racing to a medal with a broken hand - that's so hardcore CRH should start mining him for the roads!
    About 10 or 12 of us were together for a while, 5 or 6 strong climbers would get into some single track and then the rest of us would come up to the tail of the group on the single track, this happened 5 or 6 descents in a row and I started to think it might go that way all day but alas a good strong gang of about 5 or 6 lads eased clear nicely after the first bottle station and that was that until the last 15km when the attitrition nature of the day started to come into play with mechanicals, cramps, crashes and worn brake pads starting to affect speeds and morale. Dry swallowing dioralyte sachets is something I usually only need to do in those multisport races but I was glad of them yesterday.

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    I had a great race for me. Felt strong all the way around. Was up there with the big guns for the first 22k when my front wheel went from under me on a single track bend and I went down on my side. Got up and the rear derailer was hanging off the bike. Fcuk. Was about to start my walk back to the first feed station when I remembered I had a hanger in my bag from Trans Germany. Started to repair the bike as I really didn't want a DNF again. As I was fixing it Niall Quinlan, Mark Kidd, and Daragh went by all looking like they had the devils head on their shoulders. Don't panic Ray it's a long day I told myself over and over. Bike repaired off I went chuffed with myself as I have a bad name in bike mechanics, caught everyone who passed me by the end so well pleased. Finished 9th in Vets. Hope the hand is ok Colm, it was a pleasure driving you home, enjoyed the company. Raydar not happy though... He's calling me a Van Slut...

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    Great result ray. Well done guys. Hope your hand gets better Colm, savage stuff finishing with that, get the turbo out as u need to keep those legs spinning

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    Ignore him Ray,you are the man..since I first spotted you ,i knew you were a talent..there will be a special medal for you at this years AGM..

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    Well i have to say i enjoyed every km of that race,the last ten k or so tough battling with the cramps,everytime i tried to get up on the pedals i was fired back into the saddle by a sharp snap in the hamstrings,anyway im delighted with getting my first marathon under my belt and look forward to a few more...savage stuff out of colm riding the last ten k or so with a broken hand,stuff legends are made of and wish him a speedy recovery...Well done to all the epic members who turned up and raced,it was a great turn out and everybody put in a savage performance...hats of to team ballyhoura,they done a terrific job,the course was marked well and the food stops were spot on,there set up is the biz,its a pity somthing like that could'ent be done up in three rock with trails spreading all over the Dublin/Wicklow mountains.

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    well done to all looks like it was a great event, great result for Richiard L, well done mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixday View Post
    well done to all looks like it was a great event, great result for Richiard L, well done mate.
    Big time......well done Richard

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