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Thread: Biking trip to Colorado

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    So Jack and I thought we'd write a short report of our biking holiday in Denver. The first thing you need to know about biking over there is the altitude.... Denver itself is called the mile high city as it's already 5000ft (1600m). Our highest peak is carrontoohill is 1040ms.

    The first few days we stayed around Denver, the trails were really interesting, terrible long switch back climbs that were a killer with the altitude. Our first spin we went from 6200ft (2000m) to 7500ft (2700m). It was really tough to get your breath back on tne climbs, but the descent was totally worth it, long flow single tracks between technical drops. I actually got a cramp in my feet from standing out of the saddle for so long on the descent. The next day we headed off to a trail head a bit farther into the rockies, here we started at 7500ft (2200m) and climbed to 9500ft (3000m). It was mad.. the rest of our spins were less extreme, generally going between 5000 & 7500 ft.
    We had a day off where we had a tour of the Air Force Acacemy, which is amazing!
    Anyway next day was biking in Colorado Springs just south of Denver, we found a deadly local bike shop and they provided us with the best info for the local trails. We were recommended two trails, captain jacks and Williams canyon. Captain Jacks was supposed to be a loop, except after doing some god awful climbing we realized that we were doing it backwards. After realising our mistake we turned around and had the most savage descent. After this we decided to try the canyon, this was a hard one to do as the access to it was a 8km fireroad climb, the incline wasn't too harsh but the blasting sun and no shade made it harder than it should have been. But the descent into and through the canyon was super, really atmospheric. Looked like there was some awesome climbing in there too.

    After a couple of days off and some hiking and easy biking with my family we headed across the rockies to Grand Junction/ Fruita. The 400km drive through the Rockies was amazing, we drove through the most amazing scenery and we were even at heights where there was still snow.

    GJ & Fruita were something i'd never seen in my life, it was like biking in the desert. The number of trails available was unreal, everywhere we looked there were trails, and we had really good maps to help us make the most of looping between trails. In GJ we did a route called Holy Cross which was pretty damn tough so we actually went and did the loop in the opposite direction, this was a great idea. The trail was again savage with cool technical drop offs and fast flowing sections between. The down side of GJ and Fruita was the sun, even though we were on the trails by 9.30, by 11 it was late 20's with barely any shade to ease it off. Now i'm not complaining about the sun, it was great to just pack the bag, throw on lycra and grab a ton of water. Fruita was the most atmospheric place i've ever seen. It is a canyon with trails along tne edges of ridges and everywhere in between. There were some great climbs and even greater descents. We wanted to do a bit more that afternoon but the heat was something else so we drove back to Denver. Our last day we returned to RedRocks to do Dakota ridge, one of my favourite trails of the trip. It's basically katy G's on steroids.

    Best things about biking in Colorado are the vast number of trails off every trail head, the availability of maps to help, the variety of trails and of course the weather.
    The trails are often considered multi use trails so walkers use them too, while this can be somewhat annoying the walkers are used to sharing the trails with bikers and don't get knarky, in fact even though bikers are supposed to give way to walkers nearly everyone we met let us pass.
    Finally while there is no doubt we have amazing trails over here the joy of this type of trip is getting to ride new and exciting trails everyday.
    Would totally reccommend Colorado to anyone who wanted an excellent biking holiday.

    Here is a link to our photos and most of the trails are on strava if anyone is really interested
    That's Princess Shona to you!

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    Nice one Shona, sounds like a deadly trip! It's amazing that Jack's bike survived..

    Captain Jacks and Williams Canyon.. jesus could they not think of more camp names? :D
    The man who's name you'd love to touch

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    Sounds great guys! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

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    Deadly buzz sounded like a great adventure
    Less Traction = More Action

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    Deadly, I want to go!

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    Class photos guys, sounds like a deadly trip, v jealous!! those trails along the rim of the canyon look amazing, lookin forward to hearin all about it..

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    my Heckler is made of strong stuff and been on all my biking hoildays so no issues there!!!...

    but it was a deadly biking trip and we only scratched the surface of the trails to do in the Rockies.

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    Wow, some road trip, pics look amazing.
    Zoop de jour.

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    You're not really selling it to me, anyone want to buy a child or 3.

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    Looks and sounds amazing shona...i think im a little jealous.


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