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Thread: NPS Round 4 - Lady Dixon

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    Well done to everybody who raced period, that was tough going in that heat. But great nevertheless, I could race in sunshine every time if I had a choice.
    As expected, a steady approach worked for me and I felt great throughout the race, finished 6th in a strong field so I'm quite happy with myself. Enjoying my beer now... oh yeah baby!
    Thanks to everyone who did the bottles, I remember Terry and Erica but I'm sure there were more people there! And great to see Micky back in good shape!
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    yeah, great day out, great results for Micky, Caroline, Aine,Erica , Marlena all podiums..savage unrelenting course..Andy Fitz was motoring..he woke me up when he over took me then I overtook him, dropped me bottle, walked back for it and saw him crossing the finish in 4th i'd say in S3..I love this race, every year its the standard for an XCO nps..fair play to everybody who cheered us on racing there today, the heat like the cold doesn't bother me.
    XMTB did a great job, except for the dumbass idea of giving two prizes to Dave Monty who won Junior and also got second in S3..this fcuks up the points..Juniors can race s2 if they want to but they shouldn't affect the points of the s2 riders.
    Fair play to all the spouses who came to cheer us on too.
    I had a great race easing back in to serious racing then made a holy balls of it on lap 3 dropping my bottle, then on lap 4 when I was gaining on the guys in front of me..I went straight on where the tape had gone missing..and had to get all the way back , doh !
    One serious issue I have with the club racing is the complete lack of somebody co ordinating the members on the day..i've asked for it many times, we need a team manager looking after a HQ where we can all hang out and have the craic. I used to do it but The feckin club president shouldn't have to and now that I am racing, theres no way I one of you non racing types or one or more of the senior 4s ( you race early ) needs to get on the job if you are not doing bottles..I know it might seem like a big ask but this is what being in a club is all about.
    One final thing and this is directed at BON..
    Get your skinny feckin arse to these are wasted doing sensible parenting !!
    Great to see Micky back on form too !

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    Great event today in Lady Dixon's Park! Personally I think it's a great XCO course and the conditions were perfect ... the chap on the gate told me that the reason they always get such good weather for this race is because it's in "God's Own Country" ... hmmm!
    As usual I started too fast and struggled for laps two and three! Managed to stay ahead of KevinL and RobT (just!) but Paul Barry got me close to the finish which was disappointing, but fair play to him he rode well! It was bloody warm all race!

    Big thanks to Erica for the bottles!

    My only complaint is that the S3 races seem to have got shorter this year - I was mid-pack and finished in a little over an hour! I'm pretty sure that the winners time is supposed to be between 1.20-1.30! It's a lot of time/expense for an hours racing!

    Anyway ... A great day out and congrats to all the Epic prize-winners!
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    Well you're just too quick for S3 then aren't you? I'm sure S2 race would take you 1:30 :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    I'm sure S2 race would take you 1:30 :)
    ..... and a bit more!

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    I finished in 1:32 according to the Garmin so it looks like they timed it just perfect. I think Roger finished in 1:25 or thereabouts
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    I think they timed it perfect..its not a feckin marathon race ! What you are not copping on to is that all the races so far have been dry or as relatively dry as you can get..the locals told me that 2 weeks ago the course was unrideable ! I can't believe I was so intent on catching the guy in front of me I went straight on a at a turn..I thought the course was absolutely amazing..if the NPS was based on courses like that we would be a bigger force in International XC than we are, we have to let go of the old style XC race courses and look at whats happening abroad or we will never produce another International star . If I can do that the rest of you definitely can..
    There was one section on that course today, after the fast steep section and then it turned left that was unbelievably hard on the legs..
    I'm not going to Killarney as I 'm working but I can't wait for Darvagh !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    I think they timed it perfect..its not a feckin marathon race ! What you are not copping on to is that all the races so far have been dry or as relatively dry as you can get..the locals told me that 2 weeks ago the course was unrideable !
    Oh I've "copped on" to that all right Richie ... if the S3 race was 4 laps today it would have finished in less than 1.5 hours (not exactly a Marathon!) and if the weather was bad you would run it a lap shorter .... not "rocket science"!

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    aw shut up you skinny old bollix..if you are such an expert you take over the running of the XC NPS then..with your Foxrock accent and your ladies jeep !

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    Great race. What a great race. Started in the second half of the senior 3s, Passed a few riders on the first and second lap making an effort and then had a mini blow out at the start of the last one, can't actually remember, but I struggled, passed by a few again, very frustrated, should have rammed a gel in my gob or something or had porridge for breakfast, funnily enough after easing off a bit got moving again. Second year doing that race and second year spoilt with the weather, and they look after the kids of. All wrapped up now snoozing, they loved it. You're all such great role models for the youngsters

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