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Thread: Monday 28th May Open Spin 6.45ish at Djouce Woods, lower Car Park..

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    Default Monday 28th May Open Spin 6.45ish at Djouce Woods, lower Car Park..

    All welcome for Djouce, better than anywhere else ( except the leadmines ) ..
    Rules..yes Rules..there has to be rules, I don't want other people ruining other peoples spins.
    2 Tubes ( even if you are tubeless ) goo won't fix a sidewall tear.
    Proper clothing and footware..
    Mountainbikers only have two uniforms..

    Lycra and Clipped in pedals..
    Flats and baggies..thats proper flats like 5.10s and proper pedals, like the shimano DX or whatever is cool these days..I don't do flats and they all look the same to me.
    No cotton t-shirts whatsoever and no full face helmets..

    Heres a tip for you budding MTBers..

    have a gel about 5 minutes before we start and then grab another one about an hour in.

    As usual I will need a senior 1 or 2 rider to assist me..

    heres how to get there from Kilmacanogue though I strongly recommend you come off the M50 at Carrickmines and take the enniskerry road out

    graham can you make this a sticky till Monday

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    I'll be there! looking forward to it!!

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    Will be there, assuming can get through traffic etc
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    me too, same as above, hopefully it won't be too busy.

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    Not likely to make this, rear wheel fecked, two spokes gone and well buckled, can't wait for my new rims. if I can get the hardtail set up after work I'll join ya but don't wait. God the thought of djouce on a hardtail actually intrigues me.

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    go via Carrickmines and enniskerry kids..

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    that was a great spin..very fast on dry trails..great to have Skyline back under my wing , I have always had high hopes for him..not a huge turnout but a quality one..I must admit to being surprised though, I thought I would have hundreds out, it being Djouce..every body got a taste of what its like to be on an Hour of Power loop..lots of fierce climbing and savage descending..nice one kids. I enjoyed it..its hard to motivate yourself after travelling and racing yesterday but I was glad to get out..
    yeah like I need motivation to ride my bike :) and in Djouce..come on..its riding feckin deadly..

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    I was stuck in work until 6 so no chance of making it to Djouce on time. But I did a nice loop of 3 rock instead, if anyone wants to ride Legends now is the time - it's actually dry! Even the boggy descent from 2 rock onto Metro was dry... I can't wait until Thursday, I'm off work until next Wednesday so I'll be on the bike 24h a day!!
    Do you have any of the days off, we could do Kippure maybe?
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    Thursday baby yay !! hey we're doing Lug tomorrow night..did Alfie tell you ? **** Kippure, lets do Kilmashogue to Laragh and back on the road ! we'll be fresh for the Club race !

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    Maybe he did, I'll check my phone...
    I can do anything on Thursday, you name it and I'll be there
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