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Thread: NPS Round 4 - Lady Dixon

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    Default NPS Round 4 - Lady Dixon

    NPS Round 4 Lady Dixon Park, Belfast

    XMTB would like to welcome you all north, for Round 4 (Round 3 if you're pedantic) of the NPS in Lady Dixon Park. The race takes place in its own isolated section of the park with plenty of room for parking and establish a base.

    Sign on has opened already and closes Friday 25th May.

    Check out the website for more details:

    XMTB Website.


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    Can't wait for this one, a great course and a lot trickier technically than people think!
    Sur la Plaque!

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    Ah now it's nothing compared to some other venues (technically) but racing in Lady Dixon is second to none, it's just so fast and so close which makes the time fly by. Can't wait for this one!
    The man who's name you'd love to touch

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    you hit the nail on the head Max..

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    Signed up can't wait , heard it's a fast one.

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    Thanks to those that have already pre-registered, keep them coming in.
    The course was raked out yesterday and there have been a few changes since the paths went down. If the forecast goes as planned, then it's going to be a great day as usual :).

    Ulster XC Website


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    Keep getting an error message! Anyone else having any problems registering?

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    I registered but it didnt take me to the online payment page... so will have to pay on the day...

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    Hmm .... so I've probably registered half a dozen times!

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    Yep having similar issue. Had 3. Attempts before confirmation but no payment section access. Confirmation page has me as registered 3 times.

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