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Thread: EPIC Forum Upgrade

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    Default EPIC Forum Upgrade


    As you will have guessed we have upgraded the forum and things look a little different.

    You will see lots of new features which I will explain how to use them over the coming days.

    The forum will be skinned / made look pretty in the next day or so.

    There might be one or two tweeks with broken image links or even mod user permissions I need to fix, I'm on top of these so dont stress.

    If you are having forum related issues pm the admin account / post below or email and mysle or Graham will help you out.

    All Admin forum related issues, please PM me.

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    For those that use it TapaTalk is now back in action also.

    You may need to remove EPIC MTB from your tapatalk app and then re add it.

    Any issues let me know.
    All Admin forum related issues, please PM me.

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    adrian, when I log in its telling me I don't have permission to access the forum but when I click in to the new posts it lets me in ..

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    The updated link for the forum is:

    For now everyone can update there Bookmark with the above...
    Sur la Plaque!

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    I'm running loads of admin stuff in the back end from building search indexes to user permissions, thats all being done now and will run over night. These kinds of issues should be addressed in a few hours.

    The bulk of the work is done and were on a fresh install with no loss or major issue, from here on in things will only get better for forum users. Including making it look a bit nicer also.


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    Well done lads

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    I'm feckin lost in here completely but fair play, that's loads of good work Adrian!
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    I hope to have everything done and dusted with the next few days. Things will be a little easier for people once I skin the site and get round to editing it.

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    that seems to be fine now, Adrian, my God its a feckin great job, well done !

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    Nice job there Adrian - well done !


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