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  1. Exclamation We are back

    Hi forum users,

    As you can see we are back after what was a long day off line behind the scenes here.

    As the last of the content files upload to the server you might notice a few broken images or links. They will address them selves in an hour or so.

    Today we ran a major software upgrade so the site was taken off line as just as we were just finished. I came across some serious glitches in the previous forum set up which stopped everything working. I wont bore you with the details so long story short we restored the previous forum while the issues are sorted off line.

    24hrs notice will be given before I run the upgrade later again this week. Downtime will be kept to a minimum.

    Sorry of inconvenience caused, on the plus side I hear there was a productivity spike in many workplaces today due to forum being off line.

    All Admin forum related issues, please PM me.

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    now to clear some nonsense not blame me if you are banned..I am not an admin and I have no admin rights to ban you or torture you or make your life a misery because you are excluded from this fantastic resource. Its very unfortunate that a teeny minority think we are a terrible evil, considering that this was their second home for a very long time and even made a fair few bob from being here. Nobody gets banned without good reason. Usually its by being very very offensive to other users. If you were banned and you think you did nothing then it was probably a glitch, we have been trying to improve what we have here for a while and everybody knows this kind of thing can be hit and miss sometimes. If you were banned and didn't get a message ( we are removing and banning spammers by the dozen everyday and you could have easily got swept up in that ) .
    There has been a lot of bad feeling knocking about lately, mainly directed at ourselves EPICmtb and The Offroad Commission, EPICmtb have had a lot of grief from The Suits unfortunately due to the Blast. You don't need to know all the reasons, we have fallen out with some of our friends and it doesn't matter who was right and who was wrong at this stage but lets put an end to it. I think its fair to say that regardless of who did what, said what or didn't say what they should have, enough is enough.
    Lets all get along, i've personally had more attacks on me than I can count but that only compels me to be worse. I'm hardly going away at this stage and while I admit I don't do myself any favours some of the time, don't take it out on EPICmtb, I am always open to face to face confrontation and it never happens. So I am asking everybody who rides a bike and is in a club or not in a club to concentrate on your cycling and put all this nonsense behind you. If You feel I have offended you then by all means prove it to me face to face and I will gladly apologise ,
    after all I think its fair to say that apart from one or two parasites that feed off the general good nature of Mountainbikers we all want the same thing, to ride our bikes, have the craic and enjoy ourselves.

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    Well said. I think everyone wants to move on from the grief of late. There was a time not too long ago when it was all about riding the bike and enjoying each others company, even if it does sound fruity. I think we can get back to that. I also hope that those people who have distanced themselves from the club will in time reconsider and be made to feel welcome once more. Life is too short.
    Zoop de jour.

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    well Don, when you consider the amount of people that have enjoyed the EPIC spins, the EPIC events, including Downhill, XC and the Blast, we have always made people feel welcome and we will continue to make them feel welcome, all they have to do is ask, every week there are people on my spins from nearly every Club you can imagine, some aren't even in a club but they all want to ride their bikes and they all want to enjoy the craic. Its unfortunate that there were several misunderstandings and misinterpretations that brought us to this but I am more than happy to put my hand up and accept some of the blame. I am a divil and I love stirring it up but sometimes you have to know when to stop. Like I say I have absolutely no problem talking face to face with anybody about anything , if people have a grievance then by all means give me a shout.
    I think the limit for me was when I heard about a spreadsheet with points to be had for " calling me a bad name " , that really hurt !
    I think I warrant more than being "called a bad name " ..

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    People just don't know how lucky they are to have someone like you Richie ! Most of the time I go out on my own here in Stuttgart 'cause there is NO Scene. All the Germans take their "Hobby" too seriously and just don't know how to have a good time.... to much Macho crap for me :-(. How I miss those spins in the pouring rain up Fairy Castle and along the Wicklow Way. Jesus, but aren't the Irish just great at ruining their own day. Get back out and have a good time on your Bikes ! And Richie, the real Friends will always be there ... forget the rest.

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    thanks Mick..Its all about the craic ! and the people. its only one or two bitter little men who have forgotten all I did for them ! But I had another great spin tonight with 10 other savages. I guess you can't please everybody !

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    Jesus wept, there are losers whinging on about being banned off the EPIC forum, c*nts telling lies about me and banging on about how I ignored them telling me not to run the Blast because it would get us in to trouble, losers on the MAD forum scuttering on about a spreadsheet daring people to call me " a bad Name " while this is going on in the sad cases need to really and truly once and for all get a fuc kin life !

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    That is the price of fame Richie... You're like an Irish male ginger version of Beyonce... take the good with the bad....

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    Yea but Dave, imagine calling me a bad name..jesus i can't sleep at night !


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    I think your great Richie.......F**k the begrudgers


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