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Thread: G-Ride Course

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    Quote Originally Posted by brock View Post
    You deserve an award for one this alone!
    no frickin way..the last time I got an award two of my best mates stabbed me in the back and took it up the arse from Coillte !!!

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    great prep list here's me having just sterelized my camel back for the first time in years.....ah well it'll hold the post race beer so. It'll take more than a pair of woollen y-fronts to get my race mojo going but I see where you're heading with that, and they'll certainly help with the no sex part too.

    Jokes aside, great advice

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    Did Richie Byrne just say "Bed in your tires."?
    Zoop de jour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post

    XC racing + Flats is the equivelent of sex with your jeans still on.
    I'm copy writing that statement! I nearly choked on doublee shot non fat soya latte reading that!

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    Paul Doherty Guest


    Looking forward to this race, have ridden the course and robin has built a super trail. Lots of boatdwalk, berms and flat out sections!

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    kran Guest


    Just wondering how much is it to enter this race? Also how long are the laps and how many laps for senior 4 or 3, not sure which one id be. Thanks in advance

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    All you need to know is right here

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    I know we're not counting but there are 43 Epic MTB entries so far! Followed by some other lot called MTB Association of Dublin on 17! Nice one Ladies and Gents!

    Oh and S3 should be renamed as the official "Banger" class .... all we need is Smithers and Terry to complete the picture!

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    I'm entered in S2 but may relegate myself !!

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    only 43..unless you are completely mental, all members are required to enter !!!! Terry, S3 for you..cop on to yourself.


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