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Thread: G-Ride Course

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    I just posted a couple of hundred photos over on the Track and Trail Facebook page here there are loads of Epic riders. Give the page an auld 'like' while your there.


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    Thanks for all the photos people

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    Thanks people, really was not expecting that result but really happy with my first win, was planning just to ride hard in the race and see what happens but found myself at the front so just kept going. had to push myself all the way round so started cramping at the end, so easy it off abit so i didn't feck things up on the last lap....

    A Great course which was just 100% mountain biking a great race and i'm sure a great spin around on a normal Sunday.

    Well done to all the Epic riders and great to see so many deadly results and epic riders giving it loads..

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    Oh yeah, thanks for the people doing the bottles. I didn't use extra water but epic always needs its support crew...

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    Well that was an Epic day out - in all senses of the word. The course was just amazing. I really hope it gets opened up for riding in the near future. All that wood work and flowy berms, just gorgeous. Even the climb was made enteraining with all the switchbacks. I was very happy with my times, especially coming into the field after the first lap and seeing Mel only on her way out. Mind you she did ride to and from the race! Shona and Sophie were brilliant on the bottles, loads of encouragement and choices of bottles too! The encouragement on the way round the course is really what spurs you on, even if you dont have the energy to acknowledge it at the time. One thing about doing the S1 ladies is that there are no hold ups or queues at all. I had a clear track the whole race. Id say thats gotta be worth some time!
    Well done to everyone on great results. We have Epic riders all over the top end of all the races. Caroline was flying in first place S2 ladies until she crashed (hope the arm heals soon). Great photos people aswell. Love looking through them after the race. Looking forward to next weekend now!

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    Great day out that was, well done everybody, great course, I should've cycled faster but I thought it was a 1 lap race until Shona told me it was two laps near the end of the first one.

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    Jay, you are the greatest MTBer in Ireland..the feckin shoes on you alone are worth a prize ! as for this -
    Richie " here, wheres your club gear ? "
    Jay " ah I have to wear that jacket, it has all my Diabetes stuff in the pockets !" thats freakin hardcore right there..

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    That was such a cracking great course it cracked my frame! Bye bye to the old XTC C2 2007... Doesn't owe me a penny


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