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Thread: G-Ride Course

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    Default G-Ride Course

    Hey skidders..I did a lap of Robins track in G-Ride DisneyKazland ! and its deadly, unbelievable work gone in by Robin and his merry Men.
    I'll do a Go Pro next week with him and everybody can see how brilliant it is.
    Just remember though..
    Its Private Property and you shouldn't be in there unless you have permission

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    Whoo hooo, signed up for the "gold rush" last night after chatting to Alfie and Robin in Expert cycles. (thanks for the wheel building tips lads). Looking forward seeing the footage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    Its Private Property and you shouldn't be in there unless you have permission
    I can stress what Richie said enough, everyone will get a chance to ride the G Ride trails at Robin's race and will be available to wider use in due time.

    If People take the piss as a community and just rock up and jump the fence without permission there will be little chance of any other private landowner allowing their grounds used for racing or general riding.

    The place is savage fun and can't wait to see the race there later in the month.

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    wowo! Savage work there on the boardwalks, I presume there are no chicken runs for the last bit? :)
    Sur la Plaque!

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    jebus that looks excellent

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    Wait till you ride it !!

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    man I cant wait to ride that on the 18th! love the North-shore-esque boards lots of work in that and that little right hander spiral looks deadly.

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    Now kids , don't miss this..if you only do one race this year, then this is The other XC race will prepare you for this. Its an amazing track and it will be a brilliant event. Even just to ride it its deadly, ride it or race it, just don't miss it. If you do you will regret it for ever !

    If you have never raced before email me or call in to the shop and I will gladly fill you in on what you need. Or why not drop in and see Alfie and get your bike tuned up for the event, don't leave it to chance. The worst thing you can do is spend money on a bike and turn up and get wiped out by a mechanical..

    WHatever bike you have always make sure you have

    a spare tube
    A powerlink - tape it to a cable near your handlebars
    A CO2 Inflator
    A Small pump sometimes the old inflator can let you down, in a race situation panic can fook you up !
    Stick a gel in your mouth ( provided you have already tested it on a spin) 10 minutes before the race start
    Do not start in a stupid gear
    Do not wear a camelback
    do not wear a rain jacket or any winter gear
    Try and drink 1 500ml bottle per lap
    Get your gear ready the night before.
    Drink loads of water the day before but sip it
    stay away from alcohol all this week !
    Make sure you're bike is perfect..
    do not buy dodgy second hand tyres
    do not change your derailleurs this week
    always bring a spare dropout
    Do not use a camelback
    XC racing + Flats is the equivelent of sex with your jeans still on.
    Get there early and do a practice lap, thats not a lap at a handy pace, thats a lap where you look at the features and practice cleaning them.
    This is a Robin Seymour will be a collection of features designed by him for people of supernatural riding skills, he is a wizard, an adept at MTB Black Magic, whats bread and butter for him is Pizza for the rest of us.
    Bed in your tyres and your brake pads before Wednesday, leave nothing to chance .
    Check your cables and your forks before wednesday.
    Fail to prepare , prepare to fail.
    Check your spd pedal tension.
    Listen to Devil music all week.
    Refrain from Sex all week.
    Wear wool underpants till after the race, if that doesn't make you want to win and kill people nothing will.
    But most of all go to Glendalough House, soak up the vibe , pick out your enemies, crush them and hear the lamentations of there women and stuff..
    It'll be great..

    I hope all this helps you, I know I enjoyed writing it... after all I had to suffer years of racing in the same category as Robin before I copped on and made CI bring in the age Categories !

    Richie Byrne, all rights reserved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    whats bread and butter for him is Pizza for the rest of us.
    You deserve an award for one this alone!


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