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Thread: EPIC MTB - Tapatalk - Mobile App

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    what are you doing...
    I just shot my bloody samsung Galaxy ! I am managing Twitter and Facebook that tapas talk makes me want chickpeas and chorizo !!!

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    It's the future Richie, wait until you see what's coming to the main site in the next few days.

    Surely the best MTB club deserves to have the best website, god knows we get enough hits to justify the effort.

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    ok..yes !

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    mikmon Guest


    This is a great idea. Using it here on a samsung galaxy. Very easy user interface.

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    Hey that works really well on the i-Pad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardL View Post
    Hey that works really well on the i-Pad!

    It does, anyone using IOS devices (perhaps Android) get a fantastic interface for uploading links and images to post also.
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    ok thats a brilliant jobbie for the fancy phone ! well done

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    Happy you approve Richie

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    Yep, works very well on Android phone. The only thing is I can't find how to setup other forums, MAD etc, there doesn't seem to be an option to do this! Am I missing something or has anyone else managed to setup access to more than one forum. Cheers.

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    Just go into search and log in the Same as you done for epic all forums you log into will them be saved


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