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Thread: Attention: Joining Epic 2012

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    Default Attention: Joining Epic 2012

    - For any new people wishing to join epic for the first time. -

    We are running a series of spins over the next 4/5 weeks for people who have shown interest in joining Epic. Therefore you will need to come a long and join these spins. These are not beginner spins but spins to see if you would fit in to Epic mtb.

    Harri and Colm will be running these spins and after the series if WE feel that you would suit Epic and Epic would suit you then you can join, as long as you get a CI licence and club gear.

    If you have any questions on joining Epic please contact me via


    Brian Hutchinson
    Epic Club Secretary
    "Here, nobody surrenders!"

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    Epic Membership is closed.
    "Here, nobody surrenders!"


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