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Thread: Transition Trans-Am frame. Hartail Beauty

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    For sale my New Transition Trans Am hard tail frame. RRP €561 selling for €351.68. Size M

    I bought this a while ago with the hope of building it up and ended up buying a complete bike instead. It’s a sweet frame and clean as she came out of the wrapper.

    Built using 4130 butted chromoly. The best all round ride would be with a 140mm fork and will take up to 160mm . It’s in Anarchy Orange and comes with a headset, seat post, direct mount ISG bracket and firm handshake. You can run your normal multiple gear set up or as a single speed. You guys know what you’re looking at.

    It's the same colour as the link

    She’s a dream machine. Time wasters and tyre kickers welcome if you have cash. Located in Dublin Wicklow area.

    Thanks for looking,


    Pm me if you need more info
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    Price drop! €349.56 as people have less money after Christmas. It's a sweet frame.

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    can you split the bike.
    interested in the tyres

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    Hi Alfie,

    The tyres I can sell for €172.21 for one or if you buy the three it would be €626.43. One is slightly worn on the inside.They are slicks with snow studs on the side walls. They come race ready with two tubes of gumption that will normally do the three. Only intelligent people can see the tyres when they are mounted which gives a lovely gliding effect on climbs and descents.

    If you get all three I will also throw in two miraculum valve caps which stop any loss of traction in mud, snow, ice or even oil on a wet tarmac road on the way to the hills. They don't work as well in the dark.

    I can split the rest of the frame if people are interested. Minus seat post and head set I can sell for €342.95. The seat post collar is a gift to the lucky buyer.

    Did I already mention the frame was in Anarchy bad ass orange?

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