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Thread: Irish Gravity Enduro series

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    now..first of all I am highly offended you didn't list me in there Mr Feck..after all I invented the whole Enduro style of MTB riding..
    next up..Micky..its not like it affects pure XC racing. Its a different game altogether..and as mr Feck says they won't be all out DH sections, and unlike DH there wont be practice.
    From what I know, there will be the xC NPS, a stand alone XC series, this and the DH NPS plus all the other events like the Marathon champs, The cooley thriller, etc.
    I'm behind Niall on this one, its a very exciting prospect and it had better not be the same price as 5 Gael Force wests !!
    Its some undertaking..I was dreaming one up for the past 3 or 4 years and gave up, way too much work !! so the very best of luck with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickkky View Post
    Am I the only one who is'nt feeling the love for this???Its ideal for the downhillers.To win these events all you need to be is good at going downhill fast!
    Doesn't really appeal to me either Micky but I think Niall has judged the current mood well and it will be very popular! Personally don't think it will effect the XC NPSs too badly but I'm guessing it will have quite a serious impact on the downhill series!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smithers View Post
    Dead right mickkky not so fit but fast as fk down will win, it will interesting to see the rules. I'm very excited about this nearly as much as the AGM omg omg it's les than 34hrs yeeeeereeehaaaaaaa roll on death!!!
    For the love of God Smithers... your clock is 10 hours slow !!!

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    defintely wont affect the XC NPS but yeah it could do some damage to the DH NPS alright..I agree with you Richard, Niall is Irelands first MTB capitalist, so its his job to judge what sells, I only hope he has the landowners in his pocket ! I'm fascinated how the timings going to work , that always stumped me !

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    I didn't list you Richie, because you are as slow as me, and lets be honest, we ain't going to catch Bob & Co up or down a hill.
    I think it will attract a new breed of rider. the guy with a trance or zesty etc. I also think it will see a good few race it alongside their chosen discipline. I will race them & XC. Likewise, it might encourage some new riders into DH, as it is less extreme. Plenty of people (me included) feel if you do DH, you gotta go big and skip the chicken runs. well, this might be a stepping stone.
    Timing is going to be expensive, so I'd expect it to be €40-50. expensive maybe, but I doubt Niall is going to get fat off the back of it. 2 days riding, plus 3 hrs of race time is not bad....

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    fook off with yourself !! theres a 50 plus Category !and I'm far from slow , how dare you..!!

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    I'm sorry. I should know how sensitive you are....
    Anyway, Age means nothing in MTB... and age cats are a load of crap. look at the podium of the nationals...
    A Vet won and a Supervet was runner up.....
    The young lads should be ashamed of themselves....

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    yeah they should be !! the losers !

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    What about weight categories? Like boxing.
    "Iron Mike" Lynch or "Sugar Ray" Smithers could represent you in the heavyweights...

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    have you seen Lynchy lately..hes about 10 stone..Smithers on the other hand has had his weight declared a failed state by the UN..


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