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Thread: Update from MBI

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    Boots Guest


    I'm sure mtbers have nothing to be worried about when it comes to coillte. This just out today;

    "Request for information for forest security and surveillance"

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    Unexciting as it may seem, this is not for "automated anti-MTB infra-red sniper systems"

    I can officially advise you that the purpose is as follows:

    It's to monitor timber movements and illegal dumping on our lands and to provide us with solutions here.
    We spend scary amounts of money clearing up illegal dumping each year and we also suspect that a lot of our timber leaves the forest without our knowledge
    We are trying to get a handle on this and put in place good surveillance measures to deter these activities.

    I personally see this as an opportunity for MTB'ers to report such suspicious activity to Coillte if they observe it which would build positive relations with Coillte.

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    Perhaps it will deter the scum that brakes into our cars, nothing wrong with that!
    The man who's name you'd love to touch

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    You're safe enough Max, no doubt you'v forgotten to put anything valuable into your car
    Less Traction = More Action

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    T-dog Guest


    In fairness the MBI do ask for anyone who'd like to get involved to contact them, so join the queue there.

    Doing so you may result in finding out more about their role that may even pleasantly surprise you, or you could get a chance to display your greatness. I think a lot of people are giving them unfair abuse without even considering their post and dissing it off hand. They are dealing with Coillte, these things move slowly. Like many people in conflict resolution they've realised the healing power of constructive dialogue. So, I think while you all may have various concerns, you are better off doing something about it as opposed to whinging, as no-one likes a bitter moanyhole.
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    heres a big fcuk off sigh..
    some of us are very vocal because we've been there and done that..I'm here longer than any of you. This s hit has been going on forever.
    theres so much history here your head would much giving from the MTB community and nothing back from the landowners.
    if you think that a few miserably facilitated trail centers are an achievement you are wrong.
    they were not created out of love or an attempt to please us.
    I'd like to see MBI explain that one.
    I could list off a long list of concessions we've made.
    what have we gotten.
    A bye law that makes us criminals.
    I think its fair to say that MBI should cease discussions until that bye law is removed or a licence agreement reached.
    I can tell you for nothing , we havent even scratched the surface of what we can do.
    this is not a simple process of slow progress.
    It might seem like slow if you have been here for less than 5 years, which most of you have.
    try fighting for 20 ..
    slow progress is an understatement,
    People are entirely entitled to complain, they are not criticising the individuals. they are criticing the lack of action.
    If MBI is an organisation of 3 individuals, then we are f ucked.
    3 individuaks , no matter how committed can't face down a semi state.
    this is a job for hundreds !
    3 people,no wonder coillte think they can walk all over us.
    So either MBI need to actively recruit members or give up. 3 people cannot possibly fight a big old corrupt government.
    Coillte and the NPWS must be having a good old laugh at us..
    Imagine even 50 of us outside Leinster House or shouting at Michael D higgins !!
    time to wake up..

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    never a truer word spoken......

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    gm3742 Guest


    The reason why MTBers have not been stopped in Coillte land is because (again I will say it) The occupier’s liability act 1995 you cannot be stopped while on an established right of way. The Wicklow way is mainly a right of way so you cannot be stopped. I have a copy of OSI discovery series map which shows all the Right of ways going across mountains and farmland I suggests that you get a copy yourselves. As I said before MBI should develop a strategy which should be implemented and carried out by the clubs in each area (top down bottom up) whether its Coillte access or having an underage program, this will help to have a better communication between the clubs and MBI etc.

    I do agree that MBI are a voluntary organization run by people who give up their free time to run MTB in Ireland as well as all the clubs committee's so you should respect all the good and hard work they have done on your behalf. As per previous posts, have stated you should volunteer to help even only for an hour a week. I told Sean from MBI a few days ago if MBI needed any help with their strategy formulation and implementation I would gladly give them the help they need if they need me. (Still awaiting fro a reply)

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    I saw this in The Economist the other day....

    The man who's name you'd love to touch


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