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Thread: The Blast

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    BCY Guest


    Have to say what a great event well done to all involved and who raced was marshalling at sarah pallin most of the morning nursing a serious hangover (cheers Conner and Rudolf).But had great crack and if I'm not racing next year will defiantly marshal again Cheers for the sandwichs Shona.

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    NeilM Guest


    I just want to say thank you again. I just can't say enough to express the experiance that the Epic Blast was. My first race of any kind and with so many riders it went off with out a hitch thanks to all the excellent work by all involved. It was a sureal experiance for the main blast sat on top of that mountain with god knows how many riders of all ages with a chopper no less circling the pack!! Then to top if off you have some of the top riders in the world right next to you getting ready to throw themselves down the very same track as you!

    It has to be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life so far. In my heat I think I crashed at just about every section of the track and many a time I there was a little voice saying thats enough stop now, luckliy there was a louder one telling me to keep going. So I slipped and bounced my way down the track and can't wait to do it again next year!

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    your right Paul..a series wouldnt be the same..but i have another idea..or 2.
    Once again a big thanks to everybody for the positive think the Blast came from the olden days of me, Herlo and Bruce trying to whammy each other on spins !!
    Dan Atherton, Robin and Niall Davis on a podium together..where else would you get it !!

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    naasbiker Guest


    Big thanks from both my son Jack (no. 5 in the mini blast - thats bike number not position finished) and myself (no. 13 and final position about 300th I think) to all the organisers, marchalls and uplift drivers. This actually was my first ever MTB race and talk about getting in the deep end first but still had a BLAST.

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    I remember no 5! We were looking at the mini blast start trying to figure out the pinners. We picked him out as one who was ready to rock. He looked like he had the right attitude. Unfortuntely, he got knocked off just before the forest. The look of disgust on his face to the lad behind! How dare he ruin his race!!

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    naasbiker Guest


    Yes, he was all wound about the race with new knee pads and all but got a tumble and I had to take him home after the race with sore ribs but is now OK. Keep asking me to check the forum for his finishing position!


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    sloth Guest


    Amazing event, EPIC ! well done... I didn't get to any dh races this year,so this was something I was looking forward to for a long time. The blast was a race that I stood and viewed from the sidelines a few years ago,(2006 feels like years and years now) when I could barely hop a 1 foot jump.. I remember wishing I could ride like the riders that day, the blast got me into mountain biking so its kind of special to me. This year it sure didn't disappoint. It was an amazing buzz at the top of the hill. It was great to have the Athertons there too they were very nice lads and took time with a lot of people and I'm sure everyone really appreciated them there. The amount of work that must of went into this I'd say was insane! it was worth it!!

    Its a very special event, It brings all the xc/dh/freeriders etc..... mountain bikers together in an unusual and hugely fun way!.

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    Echoing all the above sentiments.....
    My first Blast and what a blast was had. 3 years of MTB under my belt, 3 years looking forward to the day I could wear Blast mud in my ears, eyes and butt crack????
    Well I finally achieved what seems to have been a huge goal of mine and I must say a big thanks to you all, organisers and competitors alike for making it a superb weekend.

    Hat's off to Byner, Luke, Shona and all the unsung backgrounders who made it possible. 12 years at the top of Kiteboarding in Ireland, event organisation, sponsors, even Red Bull and International Pro Riders, councils, permits, event plans, emergency planing and crews have thought me a lot.
    I know how you feel. Job VERY WELL DONE guys!

    Shona.... I loved the sandwich! Thanks

    Ps...: Still in pain, still have a huge grin..... How long does it last???

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    jackson Guest


    didnt the whole thing work out very well, apart from people taking the piss in the golf course on saturday morning and saturday night, i doubt it will happen next year .

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    m4rtn Guest


    was funny to watch the redbull crew off their heads on taurine trying to put up the redbull tent on the top of the hill in a certified gale. those of us who were sober enjoyed their caffeine fueled optimism and energy.


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