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Thread: The Blast

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    we had a little bit of craic at the finish line.....
    That's Princess Shona to you!

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    walshyy Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by jangchup View Post
    Yeah Me hanger broke after i go through the mud bath at the top, had to walk the rest of the way.

    Ah Sh1t man, sorry to hear that, I was wondering where you disappeared to, I assumed you were ahead of me!! That start was savage with the chopper in the background, finished 175th I think!

    Thanks everyone for their hard work in organising a reat day

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    Anyone know the half life of 18 redbulls?
    My eyelid is still twitching

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    Monty Guest


    That was incredible. Track was great, craic was great, marshalls were great and redbull girls were amazingly pleasant to an army of sweaty and mucky and stinking men and boys, even opening the cans for us at the end! Organisation was amazing, ran so smoothly! All the muck just makes it even better, you'vebeenframed would've had a field-trip!
    As Don says, every man came home victorious!

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    aisha Guest


    I love the start line dancing guys and gals!

    On a not unrelated note, that red bull is powerful stuff isn't it?
    I just had two cans, and don't think I'll be sleeping for a while! I think it's the general adrenaline rush too....

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    thanks Dave..
    a special mention to the chief diggers..llandai, Killian, Smithers,Max, Dave Coyne and Jackson. While the course was all my design, when I wasnt digging it they were and they were outstanding.
    I learned 2 Blasts ago that its better if I design it and get people onboard with me. I hope we are getting better..I think we are..I absolutely hate digging trails..I live to ride and every day I have to dig sh1t I am not on my bike is like a prison sentence..a special thanks to Dave O toole and John Damage for the day of Midges..and two fingers to the fookers who rode the course to death while I was still building it !!

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    I can't believe this event keeps getting better. Especially as each year it exceptional. It was great to see Robin racing and winning everything, amazing. I have a nice bit of Video of the start of the 1st finals if anybody wants it send a PM.
    Oh and thats the first time ever I couldn't hear Richie, even with a mic.

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    barry_kellett99 Guest


    Best run event ever. You should all be proud of yourselves for the organisation, the planning, Communication before and on the day, For the effort put into the course. Everything was simply stunning.

    I don't like standing outside in the rain at 10pm washing 5kgs of caked on mud at night, but it was well worth it for the weekend just over.


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    Another great blast! It's gotta be the best way to stay young ...battling it out with young fellas.. and even beating a few of them ! Nothing better. Thanks to everyone for yet another exceptionally well organised and run event, so many people working so hard to pull it off. And well done to Robin, he had some stiff opposition but still came out on top.

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    Well done Mick on winning your heat final, and well done for getting going again after your spectacular wipeout on Big Vinnie, you nearly pulled it off!
    Zoop de jour.


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