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Thread: The Blast

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    yakadookie Guest

    Default Leroy Browne!

    Big Thanks to all involved today, my third Blast ..managed a fourth in my heat and a respectable result in the final(with no injuries wo hoo) not bad for a 40 yr old....Hurry up next year!!!

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    Brilliant day, first time actually getting to ride the Blast and was so much more fun than I thought, and I knew it was gonna be fun. Best bit was definitely the sun coming out, blue skies and then the chopper arriving and circling around us a few times before start of main Blast! Can't wait to see the footage of the start!
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    GODDAMNDIDDLYDIDDLYDIDDLYDEADLY!!!!!! I was in a bit of a heap after saturday, so I said I'd see how the day went. I am so glad i decided to race, i have footage of Max crashing of Palin hahahhahaaha, And the start!!! The buzz of the chopper, Roo and near 300 other nutters heading for a small gap in a fence. Fantastic day, well done to all in Epic, and Robin for winning Fecking living Legend there kiddies. poor Richie sold his voice to pay for milk for the babies hhaahahahahaha!!! Well done all.

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    eryk_kartman Guest


    That was frecking awesome weekend,

    Thanks to all Epicurians for a such great event!

    Richie should be man of the year!

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    Well I'm shagged shot 900 frames mostly at big vinny. U should see some of the shots, amazing stuff.
    Well done to epic for organising the best MTB event this country has ever seen( I think). How many events have you seen filmed from a chopper in Ireland? I felt like I was back at the roc dazur for a moment. Fab.everyone had a smile on their faces. Well done Robin on a great win, I felt sorry for the Athertons but chuffed that the paddies won.
    I hear red bull are thinking of sponsoring the AGM ;-)

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    rusty ring Guest


    That was some day...some weekend ... The best mtb event ever well done to epic ...

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    Amazing stuff, material for school books of mountain biking. Such a great bunch of people, I feel really lucky I could be a part of this!

    Not many things can leave Richie Byrne speechless!
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    What a day, what a day. It was agony to sit on the sidelines but the titanic effort of the racers and the pain and joy on their faces was a joy to behold.

    Anyone who rode today can tell their grandkids with pride they were part of an event, run by small mtb club on the periphery of Europe, on a small hillside in Wicklow, that caught the eye of one of the biggest brands on the planet, that attracted two of the top riders in the world, where they all did battle in raging conditions, the right man may have won, but no matter if you were first or last, you were all victorious.
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    Savage weekend. Started of saterday with the timed run down the course. Excellent barbeque on the campsite. Nice pints of Guinness. Nearly got dragged out of the tent by some drunken jojos coming back from the pub at 2am. Great buzz around the place today. had to watch it from the sideline after the 2nd run but it was great to see the whole mtb Blast train coming down the mountain. Well done to everybody, organisation and riders to make this event a great succes.

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    Don, are you crying?


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