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Thread: Request for motions for 2011 Offroad AGM

  1. Default Request for motions for 2011 Offroad AGM

    Motions are now being accepted for the 2011 Offroad AGM, any Cycling Ireland members wishing to submit a motion for the upcoming Offroad AGM must do so by email.
    Please submit your motions via e-mail to*with the subject “2011 Offroad AGM motion
    The date of the Offroad AGM is Saturday 8th October, further details & location will be announced in due course.
    Motions must be received by the Offroad Commission by Saturday 1st October at 1:00pm, any motions received after this date/time will not be accepted.
    Submitting a motion to the AGM is your opportunity to influence how offroad cycling in Ireland is administered.
    Any successful motions relating to changes to Technical Regulations or formal Operating Procedures of Cycling Ireland have to be approved by the Board of Cycling Ireland.
    You MUST include your Cycling Ireland licence number and your full name.
    Here is an example of a motion:
    ” I CI Licence number: propose that the XC National points series be the premier XC series each year and that all other proposed series be outside the NPS season”


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    now folks this is the time to get stuff changed..if you miss this boat then, then don't start waffling on about drivel on the forums in the middle of the next season blaming the Commission for everything.
    I would suggest maybe an open sensible discussion on here about what you think needs to be added , removed or improved.
    Nonsense will be removed !

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    Id like to see some way of democratically deciding NPS matters. Would it be possible for the XC contingent to gather around at the AGM and vote on the number of races, venues and other matters? I also think it is important that any potential NPS host should be present. I think the workload could be shared, one person take responsibility for organising race numbers etc. I don't know how this would be put forward as a motion.
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    i dont know if this is a matter for the offroad commission agm or cycling ireland agm but some half arsed explanation for the debacle that was the euro masters in killarney

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    Thats not an offroad commission issue.

    Motions should be in the nature of (eg)standardising the length of races
    Rules for the nationals ( remember the nonsense leading up to this years )

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    lets see all your ideas up here folks..lets have the forum debates now and submit the motions before the deadline.
    what did happen this year that you didnt like and would like to see changed
    what didnt happen that you think should have
    what motions should have been put forward last year that werent

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    yeah no use bitching and whinging after the AGM !!

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    well i think that there should be trophies at all nps events not fucxing cash prizes

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    Now I have reservations about that one..
    I propose Trophies for everybody down to top 5 each category provided over 20 riders in Category.
    Plus cash prizes for top 3 in Senior 1. I think there should be a distinction made they are the Elite.

    I propose an Offroad Commission Development Team for the NPS selected and managed by myself.

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    "any club wishing to host an NPS to be vetted for suitability, so as not to disappoint any riders with cancellation of events"
    "that there be a relatively even number of NPS events countrywide" (way too many up north this year IMO).
    "not to be charged an extra fee for sign up on the day of an event, and for a set fee per race"
    "Bike insurance scheme to be reintroduced"
    "colour coded numbers in the nationals, and all riders to have numbers on back and front"(so you know when you are closing in on someone what category they are in).


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