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Thread: Info on Rosscahill Woods trail?

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    Default Info on Rosscahill Woods trail?

    Would the Rosschaill trail be worth driving 100km to?, Also how long is it and how techincal is it?

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    froshtyv Guest


    It's quite technical no savage climbs but it's fun to ride. The route we usually take takes about 40 mins but there are loads of different routes.
    As for driving that far? Its hard to know, it's prob my fave track here but we don't have as much choice compared to Dublin side.

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    cmtb Guest


    The trail is about 8km in length (& growing) - all singletrack. Plenty of sharp ups and downs with lots of rocks & roots to keep it interesting. Its a bit slippy at the moment with all the rain but it dries out quickly and is good fun. You'd definitely get a couple of laps out of it & if you combined it with a lap of the Derroura Coilte Trail (to help shake some fillings loose), it'd be a good afternoons biking. Check out for a map & directions.


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