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    I'm off on me holliers after what was gonna be the last XC NPS, and where I'm going I'll just be sitting around all day. Was thinking I'd get a book on training\nutrition to make me a better theorethical biker. Anyone have any recommendations?
    Obviously, I'd love to bring a bike and a coach with me, but a book is handier.

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    Oh God Hoppo .... your only hope is that Richie and Gerry are out of the country ...... otherwise wait for it .......!

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    You could never bring a coach off road - the turning circles on them are really wide..
    Iz dont mind sprintin but I hate dat

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardL View Post
    Oh God Hoppo .... your only hope is that Richie and Gerry are out of the country ...... otherwise wait for it .......!

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    MTB books are invaluable, the last time I was bating off Camaderry I was approaching a hazard and I remembered p27 of 'MTB'ing for Dummies', where it described what to do 'Rotate your weight backward using the BB as a point of rotation, keep the knees bent and reduce....', I forget the rest as I woke up in hospital.
    Zoop de jour.

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    I knew I'd be in for a roasting for that question, but I have to give yez something to do with your lunch breaks :)

    It's not skillz training I'm looking for, there is obviously no better way to being deadly than out riding. It is just the other crap I want to know more about. I got great info from the talk a few months back that Epic put on, I'd just love more detailed write up to pass the time when I'm just sitting around.

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    Less Traction = More Action

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    Books? I thought it was all ipads and Kindles these days. Get your self one of those ipad things and just watch videos from the last three years of The Blast. That's all the training you'll need to finish off the season.

    Luckily some kind fellow has put all that great content in one place.

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    Watched them many a time before doing my first Blast last year.

    Nice one OZ, thanks for that.

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    mother of Satans nipples !!


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