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Thread: Wicklow 100

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    jackson Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by MillionDollarHero View Post
    You don't need an entry, its a public road, just ride it.

    My plan anyway...
    how many mountain bike events would there be every season if everyone used this approach

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    owen c Guest



    John Higgins and myself are doing the W200, why don't we arrange to meet with all the Epic lads who are also doing the event and try ride it as a group? even if you don't have an entry you can still ride. Sutty and few others did the same a number of years ago.

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    That's not really fair, gate crash it without paying? Just go for spin somewhere else..
    Smithers did you catch the gay or something? Were're going to do a deadly spin on Sunday!
    The man who's name you'd love to touch

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    I have to agree with Jackson..I think crashing this event and not paying is just a little bit on the mean side. If you're going to do that, don't wear an EPIC jersey.

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    Luke Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power;
    Were're going to do a deadly spin on Sunday!
    Yeah, come on Smithers, I'm guaranteed to blow and then meltdown while blubbering about almost being a somebody. It'll be great!

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    how can you not go now !! a bloody road tour around Mountains without going up them..thats just leaving your socks on while doing the bold thing or brushing your teeth while your still drunk !!

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    fuzzy Guest


    Team Awesome are rocking the 200 at an easy pace. your welcome to join in with us. leaving at 7am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    .thats just leaving your socks on while doing the bold thing or brushing your teeth while your still drunk !!
    Hahahaha I often do both!!!! hahahahaha. Anyway unless I can get an official entry I would'nt gate crash not fair on organisers and people who paid.
    I have not caught the gay I just wanted to do the 100 for fitness to be honest. If I cant get an entry I'll be on the savage spin, My legs are are curling up here underneath me as i type this hahahaaha!!

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    Sutty Guest


    The year we "crashed" it was a last minute decision to do it and there were no entries left, ride the route if you want but don't partake of any of the organisers facilities, then there is no problem, i.e, bring your own fluids and food etc. You are not looking for a finish time, race number/bib, food or anything so you are absolutely no hinderance to anybody!
    It is a totally different kettle of fish to do that than for example crash a race, MTB or Road!! Don't be gettin up on yizzer high horses!!:-)

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