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Thread: NPS Rnd 6 (MBUL Killaloe) cancelled

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven View Post
    Is it only lads from Leinster that get points in the Leinster League!!!
    yes - that's the case for 2011

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    is there anybody we could Lynch from Limerick for the craic ?

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    barry_kellett99 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    This Sunday Barry, 10.00 at Djouce there or be square..there you go a once in a lifetime invite from the GodFather of Irish Mountainbiking..bring your friends !!
    you will never , ever ride anything like it ever..I swear !!
    This Sunday only time is precious !!
    Frigs sake man
    I have a race to do in the Ulster League!

    But you knew that probably... you big tease.

    (Anyway, I dont have any friends)


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