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Thread: Nps 2

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    How many races count?
    as this is looking grim!
    The idea of driving for over 2 hours to cycle on a dried up riverbed all out in the open sounds like a pain in the fellujah to me.

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    I think its 5 Terry. Is anybody planning on actually going down, apart from the 2 people from EPIC who have signed up already?

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    On a positive note I've just got off the phone with David Furlong (Boom) of 795 who rode the course last week and he reckons it's a grand course and really enjoyed it! Apparently it's only 15 minutes from the motorway too!
    In answer to your question Caroline, Yes, I'm going!

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    I'm going down. Its always the spin or trip you don't go on that everyone says was the best!

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    I'll be there covering the race for my Website ..everybody better go !!
    However, how many laps for each category ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    I'll be there covering the race for my Website ..everybody better go !!
    However, how many laps for each category ?
    Lap count at bottom of this page:
    Leave the gun, take the cannoli..

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    who's idea was it to have 3 women's cats? nuts...

    UNDER 14 and younger 11:00 tbd
    UNDER 16 12:00 2
    SENIOR 4 12:01 2
    SENIOR WOMEN 3 12:01 2
    SENIOR 1 13:30- 5
    JUNIOR 13:30- 4
    SENIOR 2 13:31- 4
    SENIOR WOMEN 1 13:31- 4
    SENIOR 3 13:32- 3
    SENIOR WOMEN 2 13:32- 3

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    In fairness dave, there is 3 destinct levels of ability. It just happens there are only maybe 3 riders at each level. Take S2 for example... A good battle is going on between Orla & Rose, but neither are capable of sticking with Mel, Cait & Ciara. I doubt they would even hack the extra lap. It would put them off completely, or make them drop a level. that in turn would be unfair of the lesser group, currently led by Caroline. Making less cats would alienate or frighten new women from entering, which I feel is counterproductive. Just my opinion, but I feel 3 cats will help them encourage new riders. Plus, they leave with a group of men, so It still gives some good close racing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtbireland View Post
    who's idea was it to have 3 women's cats? nuts...
    It was proposed by Agata from MAD at the AGM and was passed by a large majority of the people who attended despite the misgivings of some of the Commission! It was felt that everything that could be done to encourage more female participation should be done and that the gap between Sports Ladies and Ladies Elites was huge!
    In fairness like the other catagories Senior Ladies 2 has so far been a success with some close racing all be it with relatively small numbers!

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    Keeping this on topic, I'm really looking forward ro seeing a video preview. At the moment it doesn't look too appealing to be honest. Event a thought of doing the Stamullen GP instead did cross my mind...
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