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Thread: Nps 2

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    well done !! thats the kind of mind expanding lunacy we love on here !! I feel completely stoned after looking at that !!!

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    RichardT Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    well done !! thats the kind of mind expanding lunacy we love on here !! I feel completely stoned after looking at that !!!
    I try my best

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    ok i'll do my bit to help the cork boys as well.

    I did a lap down there early last week and put up a few words about it on our forum. It's referenced to some places on our local turf, bit anyway might give you a bit more of a heads up

    should be deadly

    and those directions are bang on, it's 15mins off the motorway to the race venue
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    have any of you cheating traitorous sneaky practicing *******s got a video of this track for me website..
    When did this filthy sneaky arsebanditry ( going down the week before and sneakily getting practice on the course like a dirty filthy trail slut ) start being acceptable ?
    Dirty feckers !!
    EPICmtb do not condone this sort of limpwristed desire to scrape a few minutes off your lap bottom feeding underpants stealing behaviour !!

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    I need all the practice i can get, believe me :)

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    no you don't !! thats propaganda put out by the Offroad Commission !! the Commies !!

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    Jasus,Ive a terrible feeling I'll be within 5 miles of the course and will end up driving around and around trying to find it.Even with directions it looks like the trail is in the middle of no-where!!

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    Corkboy Guest


    Yeah , when they puting in the Nagle mountains why they didnt put them near a bus station or an airport , I'll neve know:confused: , it would make it so much easier to find them !:)
    ( we will have signs on the roads leading to it so it should be easy to find . )

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    Well so far we've established that the course consists of a big rocky climb followed by a big rocky descent in the middle of nowhere which the chap from 795 thinks will destroy a carbon XC bike!
    Come on Corkboy help us out here!

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    Corkboy, you're missing the point of this completely ! you need to get people to the event, people are accustomed to a decent preview and hype..bear in mind not every race counts in the League so people will weigh up if its worth travelling to instead of one of the others.
    I'm trying to help you here.


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