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Thread: Nps 2

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    if you don't want to go down Micky then don't bother
    the MBCC lads have been given a bit of a hard time here on their first time running an NPS, so it's no wonder they've been a little bit 'assertive' in some of their responses, I would be too, no - I'd be much more direct actually
    people bitching about a race not starting in a field is petty, as is referring to non EPIC/WORC races as being of low standard
    the N in NPS stands for "National" just in case people don't know, and National refers to the whole of the country, it's not the Leinster/Ulster Points Series
    I'm confident this is going to be a tough but great race and I'm looking forward to it

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    Well said Dethshed. This kind of thing will only put people off running these races, why go to all the effort just for people to slate you over it. Plenty people do Fcuk all, at least the MBCC lads are doing their bit and no doubt it will be a great race. Do the race first and then slate it if its really that bad afterwards, not before.

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    I'm locking this thread..The two most experienced XC riders in the Country disrespected, well we really hit a low one here.


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