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Thread: Nps 2

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    Corkboy Guest

    Default Nps 2

    Link to a couple of pictures from the Nagles

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    ok ..some questions
    How long is a lap in time
    How much singletrack compared to Bellurgan
    Is there refreshments afterwards
    Whats the parking like, is it beside the start/finish area
    How long is it from Dublin
    If it rains will it be rideable

    Send me a full preview with some photos and I will put it up on my Blog !! I will be attending with my camera and my bag of abuse..don't disappoint me !!


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    Corkboy Guest


    We recon 25 minutes for S1 , 30 for S2 , 35 for S3 ( its about 6.5 km but quite tecnical )
    Sorry wasnt at Bellurgan , but there is only 300-400 metres of fire road the rest is tecnical double track climbing and decending with about 1km of single track , no problem passing
    Tea , coffee etc after .
    Have the use of a farm yard and hopefully a field for parking near start/finish area ( no multi-storey out there yet )
    Half hour from my house in Rochestown .
    Its ALL stone and rock so rain should have little effect .

    The main climb will test everybody and the decents will also be testing :).

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    try a bit harder than that ..any drops of death or berms of doom ? is that a photo of hefner in there ?
    you have only a week to go..its one of the furthest from Dublin, like it or lump it people will consider dropping it from their NPS quest..especially as not all rounds count ( big mistake)..

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    Corkboy Guest


    One downhill section goes down for about 2km :cool:, a bit like the tecnical down in the marathon champs ( theres 2km of tecnical climbing to get to it though) yes that is the legend that is the hefner . This track is not for the faint hearted , dont want to put weak , pussy like xc heads off but this is a REAL man/womans track , built by the LORD himself none of this man made pallet gap jump , bermed cornered fannying about stuff , to miss this would show everyone you sad excuse for a mountain biker :o.

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    are you a disciple of mine then ?

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    And some directions from Cork/Dublin road.Please
    Face down in the dirt is no place for a Mtb'er.8)

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    Corkboy Guest


    This link should give you enough info

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    you're not doing a great job of selling this to us..

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    RichardT Guest


    For the sake of helping out the club I've gone through google maps street view and got this for you:

    Ok, from what I can see take junction/exit 14 off the M8, and follow the signs for Fermoy, Once you're on the R369 follow these:

    1. Head southwest on R639 2.5 km

    (At the statue)

    2. Turn right at St James Pl/N72 7.8 km

    (3 no pic needed)
    3. Slight left at Glanworth Rd 500 m

    (Should be able to recognize it from the white house

    4. Take the 1st left

    (Straight ahead through the round about)

    This is the entrance:

    Link to google Maps here: with a route from exit 14

    Edit: Lat Long 52.09991, -8.42700
    For GPS/Sat Nav devices. If you try this on google maps it points to the wrong place.

    And a Loc8 code for anyone using a sat nav that can get these: WBZ-13-SF9

    And a link showing Parking and entrance on Loc8
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