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Thread: Perspective..i'll give you perspective !!

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    Default Perspective..i'll give you perspective !!

    Now I generally have a pain in my bollocks these days about the way Mountainbiking has gone .
    More and more people are doing it, racing it , waffling nonstop about tyres and other drivel while some of our riders are giving it socks overseas and doing a great job in representing us.
    Do we hear anything from the Governing body of the Sport..
    No we don't !
    But I intend to fix that for you and me and the General public and to give the fingers to the dopes that haven't the stones to promote our favourite sport !!
    On the 27th March..some of Ireland best MTBers competed in Rnd 1 of the British NPS and did savage..

    Heres a video ..I think the course looks like deadly racing, reflecting my opinion that racing is racing and deadly singletrack is for fun and beer, **** and giggles.


    Elite Women

    5th Melanie Spath GER19810616 Cycleways - 01:46:58 behind winner 00:06:47

    10th Cait Elliot IRL19850523 WXC World Racing - 01:52:36 behind winner 00:12:25

    Elite Men
    9th Robin Seymour IRL19710406 - 01:48:34 behind winner 00:03:33
    Junior women
    4th Claire Oakley 11A3741 WXC Mountainbike Team UK - 01:12:54 behind the winner 00:06:03
    Junior Men
    Matthew Adair - 01:16:49 behind the winner 00:03:57

    and you have to hear all this from me..a week after it happened and I wouldn't have known only John Pennefather told me..Because Robin wouldn't bother his arse !!
    We should give them a big round of applause at the next NPS..just get me the mike on the day and I'll organise it !!
    Well done to all of them !!

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    Here's a video of the event in Sherwood.

    You Also don't hear of Cait's great result in Spain a month ago, finishing 1st in the mixed category.
    or Mel's results in the Cyprus sunshine cup.
    It's a hard year on the world circuit, with every event full of high level riders hoovering up points for olympic qualification. The UK round was a prime example. a lot of big names there.
    Or THE GREGS result in Wales,
    Or Ryans result in the Tour Of Taiwan...
    I don't think it's CI's fault we don't hear though. OK, they could post it on an RSS feed, or possibly appoint a PR to promote it. Anyway, I'm not trying to make an arguement on it.
    As for the riders in question.... They are the quietest, shyest bunch I know. I didn't even think they spoke. So expecting them to tell us is a step too far... (unless you follow their blogs)....
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    thanks Stewart but i think argument or not, these results need to be highlighted. it won't do the riders and harm and it would at least inspire other people to know whats possible with a bit of motivation and passion, you can always keep me updated on the progress of Mel and Ryan if you like,

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    Would their respective sponsors not want these excellent results highlighted? Surely it would add value to their investment if we all get to hear about it?

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    jackson Guest


    seeing as the british nps has been brought up would any mere mortals be interested in going to the last one in plymouth at the end of september, nps is on saturday and a 60 k on sunday,all the details are at the links richie posted above

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    Richies on the money
    Not promoting these stories and successes is a complete failure
    The Sponsors should be pushing these stories for PR reasons

    Whats the point of sponsoring if you don't try to extract the value of the sponsorship?
    Its half arsed if you spend the money to sponsor and not try to capitalize on it
    But typical of the behaviour of the industry!

    All the clubs and or sponsors should group together to cover the costs of a sports PR freelancer who can get the stories out to the media - TV, newspapers, magazines etc

    PR is an incredibly powerful medium to get a message out there
    Mountain biking is an industry and a sport - its in everyones interest that it grows in recognition
    There- I've said my piece
    Iz dont mind sprintin but I hate dat

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackson View Post
    seeing as the british nps has been brought up would any mere mortals be interested in going to the last one in plymouth at the end of september, nps is on saturday and a 60 k on sunday,all the details are at the links richie posted above
    I'd be interested in trying to get over for one of them alright Ger, will have to check out the dates etc but it's something I wanted to do last year and just didn't get round to it.
    Leave the gun, take the cannoli..

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    bear with me, i'm a very angry man at the moment..probably the menopause !!
    I don't expect the Athletes to promote themselves, they are not made that way, the idea of Bob writing a blog is hilarious !
    lets get the MTB show on the road!!

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    Oldschool has a point there....
    The sponsors deserve recognition. otherwise they won't sponsor anymore.
    Richie, don't let it wind you up. focus on a solution instead. There is a few of us that can rustle up picts & stories. have a non-biased view to try to promote MTBing in the country. If it works, the sponsors might delve deeper into their pockets.
    In fairness to eurocycles, they have thrown some money into road sponsorship. They helped Ryan to 1st county rider in the RAS last year. Same goes for all the other shops.
    Cycleways, thinkbike, cycle inn etc... most give as much as they can. If it proves profitable, they will consider it advertising instead of sponsorship.
    Blogs can sometimes appear ****y too, or understated. an outsider can give a more honest writeup....
    Anyway, I will help whatever way you can suggest. Do we have any contacts in the newspapers, to try get a small mention every now & then?

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    Oninio Guest


    Surely a site using the old name of if it comes back would be the perfect place to promote riders success and the goodness of biking in Ireland. A news only site with pictures and reports, no forum as there is enough other places for people to dribble on and talk crap etc.

    In an ideal world the site could cover xc / dh race previews followed by race reports.

    Top riders competing in high level events outside of Ireland and at home could be assigned their own section of the site to keep updated with what they are doing and their results etc.

    Currently there are so many different blogs / sites etc. doing their own thing, but it would be nice to have one main Irish one.


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