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Thread: NPS 1 track: A riderís perspective

  1. Default NPS 1 track: A riderís perspective

    A group of riders from MADMTB set off from Dublin yesterday for an eagerly anticipated test spin around the superbly engineered NPS #1 track in Bellurgan Park Co. Louth, which had previously been used for last year’s Leinster League race (and also the 12hr Bellurgan challenge).
    See the video below, or watch it on Vimeo

    The grounds of Bellurgan are very easily accessible, only approx. 45 mins drive from the north side of Dublin, and pretty-much motorway the whole way up. Driving into the grounds, a steamroller was busy at work compatcing stone along the driveway, the sun had just come up and the morning mist was burning off nicely.
    Out of the cars and onto the bikes – we picked-up the trail and got motoring. We were instantly very impressed with the amount of work that Tony Kelly and the Cuchulainn superman (and superkids) had put into the climb. The winding switchbacky climb which caused a few wheelspins in the wet conditions last year had been totally transformed into a traction-fest with the addition of stone/hardcore so all the power laid down was put into moving us up the hill.
    A deceptive climb – it does not look steep but it certainly gave the legs a wake-up and swiftly ramped the heart-rates into the upper zones.
    The two technical features added to the course will provide a time advantage for riders with the skills to pay the bills – the first – a nice steep drop has been solidly constructed, up to the lip, roll over off the brakes, then either over the rock wall or the ladder bridge. The second feature – a gap jump – is another solidly constructed affair – pretty much everyone nailed this one straight off – all you need to do is pick a nice pace up to it and just float over to the landing, the big sweeper berm catches you nicely and then you’re off again.
    After that, there’s a huge amount of brilliantly flowy singletrack, with just enough rocky and rooty testers built in to keep the speed and flow while still testing your skill. This is without a doubt an exceptional course – reminiscent of Kilruddery (brief section of garlic scented singletrack!) and Glen of the Downs in places – the first snowdrops of the year had poked their little white heads out to see what all the fast fuss was about!
    This is going to be a great race.
    Register online now and get yourself up to it next week – see you all there!


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    I suppose all of the riders sneakingly training a week before the official track opening will be handicapped for the race?
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    gregc Guest


    wasn't sure if I was going to go to this or not, but if theres jumps... IM IN!!

    And Max, everyones at it these days! You wouldnt believe how many people were riding Rostrevor over the last few weeks!

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    Looks very similar to the xc Olympic course.

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    Yeah I know Greg, I don't really mind... just winding them up!
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    Coyner Guest


    is that the gap jump at 2.25 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyner View Post
    is that the gap jump at 2.25 ?
    It could be,but the camera does'nt seem to pick it up very well??I could'nt see the "gap"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyner View Post
    is that the gap jump at 2.25 ?
    I think it's about 3:40 Paul.....

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    better view of it here: at 8:30
    They popped a pallett in it so lads wouldn't kill themselves, all you really do is cycle at it at a reasonable pace, stand up out of the saddle and you're over it and around the berm with a smile
    The drop is at 6:00 - spookier than the jump, roll it with level pedals and off the brakes and you'll be hunky dory


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