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Thread: CRC Card Fraud

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    In fairness I'm quite sure that if you turn up tomorrow and explain your situation you won't have a problem getting an entry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orange View Post
    just got nailed for 485 for train tickets in france , made a credit card purchase with crc last sunday night ,cant enter nps in bellurgan now credit card blocked
    Is registration not closed since yesterday anyway?

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    Jasus your fallujah must be killing ye.

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    I think you can still enter, you just have to contact them. Some people have done this and got sorted.

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    just got the phone call from the cr card company,robbers tried to buy something from Apple,so card company stopped the transaction and called me to make enqueries!!So they are still going down the list of stolen cards!!

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    Actually mine was done about 2 weeks ago too and in fairness to the CC people they stopped it automatically when they saw some unusual transactions and refunded the amounts. I don't know if it was related to CRC because the last thing I bought in CRC was in early March, but it just shows you need to be constantly vigilient.

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    My card was done also 2 weeks ago but luckily it was a stundent credit card that I have set up with a small limit so they thieves charged too much so they didnt get anything!!

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    playstation was also hit so watch out


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