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Thread: CRC Card Fraud

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    gazpw Guest

    Default CRC Card Fraud

    Just spotted this, worth taking a look at,244075.0.html

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    That's going to hurt their reputation, Wiggle had the same problem a few years ago and I still don't trust them.
    Zoop de jour.

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    Reported here too!

    I made a purchase with the 10 voucher but everything seems to be ok!

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    Icyseanfitz Guest


    im using paypal so i should be good

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    Had to cancel my card today, fair play to da bank for ringing and checking did I really want to pay for all those things in the UK I never bought...

    and the parcel took about 2 weeks to arrive from CRC anyway!

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    clo Guest


    I bought stuff there last week, just checked credit card account and looks ok so far.

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    you can't beat walking into a Bikeshop with a wad of cash !!

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    May 2008
    Dalkey county Dublin


    I bought a block and it took over a week to arrive
    Ended up going to bike rack as fed up waiting
    Bike rack was cheaper plus the lads had great advice for me too and offered to put on the part as well
    Had to make a separate trip to post office to collect item so feck CRC. Also I got no instructions just the product in a plastic bag
    So I'll be using my LBS from now on unless there is no local alternative

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    mikmon Guest


    Bought a BB from them two weeks ago and now can't see credit card balance on banking365!

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    May 2008
    Dalkey county Dublin


    Just got hit for 721 on my credit card
    got a call from the bank only 2 minutes ago.
    seems a coincidence to me.
    I used the card two weeks ago so it has taken that long for the fraud to occur
    all details of my account are gone online now so I cant even check my balance.
    keep an eye out lads


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