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Thread: coillte being sold off to the swiss!!

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    I'm telling you now in 10 years all our mtb trails will be tolled be Germans pretending to be Swiss, and it will be 300 Quackoos every 1000 metres. But I'm not worried though as all our bikes will be jet powered and controlled remotely. I look forward to mtbing in Morzine while getting the ironing done at home.
    Zoop de jour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    maybe not primarily, but you never know what they might do, I would have said you'd have been delusional not to think the IMF was coming.
    Its a mad Country we live in so anythings possible.
    Besides, its not going to stop me .
    Yeah, fcuk them and keep ridin' !!!
    It's like illegal downloads, until they come to your door with a big stick it won't stop you!

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    If a forest fall in to the hands of the Swiss and no one hears about it - does that mean it didn't happen?

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    i know I'm voting for Jackson in the Election !! I wouldn't be knocking Bertie either, its obvious to me that we had our best years when he was in charge !!
    it was only when he retired that things went to pot !

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    The lure is the 'carbon sink', tradeable on the world market. Depending on soil type & tree species, you're talking 1 tonne carbon per acre per year, as a guide. A figure of 1.6 bn euro has been mentioned. For 7% (Coillte owned) of our country. So you could buy the whole place for 22 bn?? Oh yeah, and Bertoine is fronting it. Carbon Trading is the new property. Yay...

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    Jono Guest


    Carbon trading, recreational goldmine, whatever.... coillte is the biggest single landowner in the state and its seriously being considered selling it to ANYONE ? Arbeit macht freii ! or am I being too 1916....

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    jackson Guest


    durch den schornstein !! more 1940s than 1916 perhaps !!

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    Alles in Rauch, viellicht ! I recon that if this were to go ahead it would hardly cause a ruffle look at the offshore gas bonanza for instance.... now where has that minister gone ?

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    I hope that if this thing gets out of hand, then we learn from these primitive savages
    after all, it won't be just us that will be affected but no, i guarentee most people will waffle on the forums and hope it just goes away !

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    all i know is if someone (foreigner or not) tells me im not allowed access to forests ive been going to since i was i child and actually expects me to stay out well that just aint happening :)


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