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Thread: photo of the day

  1. Default easy like a sunday mornin'

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    ah yeah..
    Team Worc, MAD, 021 and EPIC on Camaderry !!

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    Sutty Guest


    TW calendar boys eh!!! Good to have some handsome fukkers out with you bunchoturnipjugglers!!!

    That's done wonders for inter club relations?! Smithers told me to say that...promise..he's some fuc##r....and Lynchy agreed with him

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    turnipjugglers..thats deadly !!

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    this is a particularly good one too..the ridges in the background are cool..

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    I really like this photo..
    Bear in mind I have no idea what I'm doing , its all about pointing and clicking for me and my Panasonic Lumix..

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    gazpw Guest


    Spotted this in some photos of the racing at Rostrevor at the weekend

    you'll be glad to know he walked away, lucky Bast.....d

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    Skylinegtr34 Guest


    rostrevor co down
    missed the dh bike here but still had some fun

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    Skylinegtr34 Guest


    click on open link to see dont know what happened

    thats sorted Darragh,

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    barry_kellett99 Guest


    Lumpers on me Dialled Alpine last weekend

    Lumpers by barry_kellett99, on Flickr


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