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Thread: Ballyhoura Enduro rocks..

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    Default Ballyhoura Enduro rocks..

    Class weekend..
    I didn't get down till 2.00 yesterday and managed a couple of sections of the lower trails and stage 5 but I was happy on the new bike ..back to the Hotel with the girls and into the swimming pool for a few lengths ..I haven't swam in a while and as I struggled into my budgie smugglers I was very concious of my dilapidated middle aged body but hey f*ck it I am training to be like your man in the Bacardi ad , aren't I ?
    So 25 laps of the pool later I sucked in the gut and swaggered back out and got ready for the evenings festivities..
    Some craic in the boozer with the Bike Addicts , then into the dinner area were the slagging was fierce and the food took ages to arrive but when it did it was deadly..back in the boozer for more craic..then I was abandoned by all me mates and had to have a pint with the remains of off to bed I went and got up this morning for breakfast but it didn't seem that long since I had me dinner and couldn't handle much ...some cornflakes , yuk, i feckin hate cornflakes..I think I read somewhere that a rat fed on cornflakes its entire life will explode in sunlight or something..ot I may have just imagined that ! some bread and 11 cups of I envied Smithers and his smuggled in Banana..
    So off to the Ballyhoura trail center..I felt violated by the Coillte hillbilly who demanded another 5 for parking..the previous day I had been accosted by the Coillte guy in charge with the " your that Byrne fella down from Dublin , aren't ye ?" is there a most wanted list in Coillte offices all over Ireland ? :)

    Got me bike ready , did a little check up of the bike know how it is, new bike , things can get loose...and as my bike has Blue on it..its hardly surprising its going to be like a harnessed pagan sex god !
    Thanks to Tony Flynn for the load of his tools ..being a Bike Shop Magnate , I have grown accustomed to having my own Corps of Bicycle Engineers and Panini makers !! I wandered about looking for Team Giant and soon rather than later we were on our way..
    Up the fireroad and across some singletrack and arrived at Stage 1..
    I went behind Smithers , loads of pedalling , more pedalling , some swooping around corners and then some berms and beeeep ..
    Then up the road and up some sort of mountainside where we arrived at Stage 2..a lot had been said about stage 2..but I thought it was deadly..nearly had an off the bike over the bars starfish freewheel moment but managed to get through the gloop and on to the fireroad ..then it was pedal swoop pedal !
    Stage 3 then was an interruption of a ncie flowy day on the bike..
    The top was like a maze for me..I enjoy the old fashioned method of Mountainbike racing, just go in a straight line and when you get to a corner turn !
    But I couldn't make up my bleeding mind on the top and just crawled down the damn thing..
    Stage 4 started was fast furious and i was possessed by some sort of wobbily headed demon as I completely over shot the sharp left and pedalled like a lunatic comepletely the wrong way , only for the fact that it was going uphill a lot I would have kept I turned around and off I went
    scutter scutter and finish..not impressed with myself at all but thems the breaks..
    Stage 5 was a doozy ..felt quick, felt furious but it wasn't enough to make a big difference, still I'm delighted to have gotten 3rd in a very competitive category ..they shoul change the name of the over 50s though to " Not dead yet you f*ckers !!"
    great weekend , great format , brilliant organisation..nice touch being able to see your placing on the TV screen..

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    Nice write up, all true. I'm very tired.
    Zoop de jour.

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    Hoiw did you get on I went with the Pros as befits a man like myself !!

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    No idea, are the results up? I had 2 big crashes on 4, went sailing off the woodwork, 4 ft drop, don't know how I got away with it. Great day though with Dave K, Dave and John. Stage 5 was unreal!
    Zoop de jour.

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    Stage 5 is something else , I think though that the Great MTB Philosopher Maximus Artisticus said it very well , the top of stage 5 and the bottom of Stage 4 ..awesome..jesus woodwork on stage I remember..horrible. Hard work driving home afterwards..

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    davek Guest


    Great weekend on the bike !! Super event, and some very impressive results from the Epic/Giant Competitors !

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    a great days riding in ballyhoura me dave kelly john richardson and don went around the five stages 30k i think ,weather was fab ,stage 5 was the best but the climb up was horrible im happy with my result having not been able to practice on saturday.
    next time ill make it down for both days, a very well run event thanks to niall davis and his team, roll on the next one.

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    Are the results up?
    Zoop de jour.

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    yes Don they are !

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    Default Ballyhoura Enduro rocks..

    Great weekend altogether!!!great day on the bike , rode around with Oisin and hooked up with Darragh Richie and Shona!the pace is only fierce out there and is a lot faster than last year.i pedalled as hard as I cud with five clean stages and I am amazed by the speed of the pro's.
    Any results???


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