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Thread: Proposed 2011 Euro Masters in Ireland cancelled

  1. Default Proposed 2011 Euro Masters in Ireland cancelled

    Communication from Cycling Ireland
    European Masters Update
    Cycling Ireland were awarded the 2011 UEC Masters downhill and cross-country championships, the location selected being Shronaboy approximately 6 kilometres from Killarney. Planning permission was sought and obtained for a purpose built downhill trail. An application for grant aid to build the facility will not be heard until early 2011, as a consequence it will not be possible to have a downhill trail in place for the 2011 championships. In addition the prevailing economic situation makes it highly unlikely that funding for the running of the championships will be forthcoming, particularly from government sources.
    The UEC have been informed and alternative hosts for both the downhill and XC championships are being sought. While it was possible to run the XC discipline as a stand-alone event Cycling Ireland felt that keeping the two championships together presented a more viable option to potential hosts.
    Cycling Ireland continue to work on successful completion of the Shronaboy downhill trail and are grateful for the continued support from Kerry CC, South Kerry Partnership, Fáilte Ireland, and landowners Con and Eileen O’Donoghue. It is envisaged that, assuming the grant application is successful, that the Shronaboy downhill trail will be completed by autumn 2011.
    Cycling Ireland are deeply disappointed that it is not in a position to honour the awarding of the 2011 UEC championships to it but look forward to welcoming participants to the 2014 elite marathon XC championships and the 2015 masters downhill and XC championships.


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    Mac the Knife Guest


    Ah now that's just great news... we're being sh!t on from every f'ing angle... cheers cycling ireland... fantastic planning as usual you useless bunch of pr!cks...!!

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    Icyseanfitz Guest


    what a great chance to have brought jobs and business to the killarney area :mad:

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    Is this for real? I can understand that getting ready for the football world cup or olympics requires a lot of planning, permissions and millions from the budget but to build 2tracks made of dirt and a few sticks??? And they had 2 years to organise it!!
    The man who's name you'd love to touch

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    What a shambles! A complete embarrassment from start to ignominious finish! I would love to know the complete history of this fiasco!

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    hey, me and my friends could run both in Carrick at the drop of a hat !!! but what would me,Robin Seymour and Joe McCall know !

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    actually stay tuned !!

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    gazpw Guest


    Fcuk sake, this would have been brilliant for Irish Mountain biking, gutted.

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    FFS. Cycling Ireland is a joke.
    If you hear banjo's peddle faster !

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    as Richard said the whole thing was a joke from the start..we were at the venue earlier this year for an XC NPS and we knew then it was never going to happen.
    In fact any of us at MTB more than a few years knew it was never going to happen. People with huge experience of domestic and International events were ignored.
    Big frickin deal, The Blast will be bigger than it was ever going to be ..
    jesus i heard some **** and bull stories about this White Elephant...I can safely say the people behind it didn't have a clue and wouldn't listen to those of us that do..
    The biggest crime here was announcing it in the first place and codding people in to thinking it was going to happen.


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