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Thread: Marathon Champs - who's going ?

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    jackson Guest


    well done to mbcc that was a great event ,well organised and signed , the course was excellent it had everything,tough climbs,technical descents,flowing singletrack,woodwork and "lakes".fair play to all who took part

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    StuMTBer Guest


    Bad day at the office for me, I was really enjoying the course for the first hour and twenty mins, was with Alfie for a while and then Dave O'Neill and two lads from Killarney cycle club. Then in the space of ten mins I had two punctures, one sealed and was ok the other wouldn't seal, think there's a dent in the rim and finally my rear mech wasn't functioning so I called it quits at the halfway point, c'est la vie!!

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    MillionDollarHero Guest


    Savage race, definitely one of the hardest I've ever done. I was expecting a nice smooth slick ride around the fire roads and man made single track and was pleasantly surprised. I'm in a jocker today and the bike is worse...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    Happy enough with that - over 50 people finished behind me! Don't feel to bad today either!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardL View Post
    Don't feel to bad today either!
    It just means you could've ridden harder!
    The man who's name you'd love to touch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    It just means you could've ridden harder!
    Probably ..... I basically rode at about 90% .... but would I have enjoyed myself?

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    Redbeard Guest


    Well done to MBCC on a great event, but the last 1 km nearly killed me. And congrats to Ryan Sherlock and Richie Close.

    Well done lads, especially Micky and Alfie. Great performance.

    Smithers.... I nearly had you. Another day maybe, if the puncture gremlins stay away!

    Lastly, Aine is delighted you were happy to see her, and appreciates the gratitude. While the marshals and feed zone people were great it can be a bit daunting when half a dozen sweaty lads come up together all dying for a bottle. So she helped them as best she could by giving out bottles to those racers she knew. But she is officially retiring from bottle duties from now.


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    Well done lads, Micky you're going to need a new helmet.


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    Ha Coner it was like groundhog day!! I'd pass you, you'd pass me, I'd pass you, you'd pass me etc etc. The last one though you looked fed up so I had a feeling it was the last i'd see of yeh. Fair play to you though for finishing after 3 punctures!!!


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