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Thread: Thanks

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    Big thanks to everyone involved, from Epic, other clubs or unattached! Too many to name and I think Richie mentioned everyone in his post.
    Well done to Adam, Shona, John D and all the kids that got in the top 5s, great results for Epic!
    I was feeling strong and definitely the podium was within the reach... but that was before my chain snapped. My first mechanical this year, unfortunate that it had to happen today.
    Finishing 8th (I think) wasn't too bad, given that I had to make my way up from the very back. Still... a disappointing result.

    Looking forward to doing relaxed spins now, drinking pints with my mates and just enjoying myself!
    The man who's name you'd love to touch

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    Sorry to hear that, Max.....
    Richie, I do not deserve to have my name up there with Luke, Alfie Damo & Adam.
    Anyway, What I will say is that it brought the whole MTB community together in a huge way. Many a spectator was overwhelmed with the level of set up. Me too. It was like a WC round.
    A serious well done to all involved.... Super course... super infrastructure..... super atmosphere....

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    Feck off Stewart, you do ..after Alfie,Damo and Luke, I think I rang you the most !!
    I had 40 certificates of Gnarliness..Eamon used them all !!

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    thanks to Jack and Shane Lavelle the Commissar too !!
    Robert Trench not only Sponsored the Sports results ..he supplied the Champagne!
    And Paul Cummins !! what a legend !!

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    What a event! Thanks for that, was just fabulous! Big thanks to all the people that make it possible!

    Truly was amazing lads, thanks a mil!!!

    Im was felling a privilege people just by doing it!

    The track was simply great!!

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    That was the best organised race I've ever been to - well done Epic! Amazing course, amazing racing, the atmosphere after was brilliant. At one point I looked across the field and there were people milling around, loads of tents and trade vans and it looked like a world cup or something! Well done Adam on riding a brilliant race - you were flying. Well deserved.

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    Great day,a big thanks to all the organisers,helpers and marshalls,all did a brillant job.Great buzz about the place,and the prizegiving was great in the tent,what with the champagne being sprayed,the freebies being thrown ont into the crowd and Richie being his usual funny entertainig self on the mic.The course was tough,fell off the bike at least 4 times,but it was a proper test to get the National Champions for 2010.Am off down the local to have a few beers and keep my happy buzz going. Micky

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    Agree with everything said above, amazing race. Loved the course, all the unmissable classic trails in djouce as well as some great new ones. The entertainment, atmosphere, cow bells, spectators were all awesome. And champagne on the podiums topped it all off!
    Thank very much to everyone involved, there was obviously a serious amount of work gone into that and it definitely paid off. The best organised race ever?!

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    korn_Duffy Guest


    Well done lads,

    Great event.


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    Thumbs up

    Great event and Great course, glad i did many pre rides during the week because today I had to stop after 1 lap. Thanks to everybody who helped organizing the event. see you next time


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